The Curious Case of KudixMay the best theory win!

The rumours of the origins of Kudix have been afloat since the time we started sending it. Is he a mascot? Or is he a huggable cuddly fellow? Could he actually be a drunk skunk we chanced upon?

To that we have only one answer—yes.

The theories have been pretty wild. Ranging from Kudix being a former pet to a derivative of a beer function, we’ve heard the whole gamut.

A lot of iconic brands have had equally iconic animal mascots—Mickey Mouse, Tony the Tiger, Coco the Monkey, Cornelius the Rooster, Chester Cheetah, the mascots for all the houses in Hogwarts, inarguably the most famous school houses in the world. You get our drift.

So it only made sense when we started out on our humble quest to revolutionise the beer culture in the country, that we had the support of a solid mascot. And who better than a perpetually drunk skunk, right? Right…?!

Whatever the real origin story might be, Kudix happened, and he’s here to stay. The simplest way to explain Kudix’s existence (not that he needs justification of any sort) is that he’s the embodiment of everything that is Toit.
The spirit, the constant buzz, the laid back behaviour and of course, the love for sending it.

Which is why if you spend enough time at any of our brewpubs across the country, you’re bound to be made aware of his presence. Whether you like it or not. 

If he’s not hanging from one of the giant flexes of our beers, he’s definitely part of some painting looking down and judging you for drinking far too little. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you’ll spot him moving around the brewing machines. But don’t get your hopes up.

He’s omnipresent. A friendly ghost to those committed to the cause of getting drunk, a Casper if you will. Our version of Nearly Headless Nick, except he’s Really Drunk Kudix. 

But we see him more as a reluctant guardian angel, working from behind the scenes, sneakily sampling the beer and making sure everything is just right for you.

Which is probably why we have some form of him on every floor. Not that we’re overly attached or anything, but if you look up right now, right where you are, you’ll spot him. 

Count how many times you spot him, and let us know. And while you’re at it, here’s a selection of some of those incredulous theories we’ve heard over time. For your entertainment and jolly.

The Original Owner

Because of the mysterious origins of the character, some say that Kudix might be the actual owner of Toit. (He certainly acts like it!)

You know, like one of those Illuminati buggers, the real boss behind the scenes, controlling us all with the temptation of good beer.

We don’t know how much credibility this theory has, but we sure don’t mind being under the spell if locally brewed beer is in the offing. 

The Mascot

He doesn’t like being called the mascot, because of the above discussed reasons. (You know, ego induced by being at the top of the behind-the-scenes beer mafia ranks.)

But a lot of people are of the belief that Kudix just is a harmless mascot—cute, fluffy, and constantly buzzing, kind of like that state everyone anyway ends up being in after one too many beers. 

What better way to represent this inexplicable state than through a mascot?

You could say that Kudix represents everything that is Toit. A state of blissful abandon induced by perpetually sending it.

One Of The Owner’s Former Pets

One rather popular theory that’s been floating around, and might or might not be true, is that one of the owners (any guesses who?), during a more youthful time in their lives, happened to own a pet skunk for a short period.

They soon realised that this wasn’t the best idea and let the skunk go, but the memory remained. And manifested in the form of the skunk you know and love.

A State of Mind

The more philosophical fellows are of a belief that Kudix really, actually is a state of mind.

An almost spiritual experience, wherein once you reach an elevated sense of self (thanks to one of our brews) you encounter this most pure form of drunkenness—think of it as a Yeti of Yeast, or perhaps a White Tiger visible only to the most virtuous. 

Except, he’s a Skunk of the City.

The Most Plausible Explanation

Not confirming or denying any of the other theories. But any ardent beer lover would be familiar with the term ‘skunked out’. For those not familiar, shame on you. 

Quickly though, beer is said to have a skunked flavour when struck by light. This happens when the light interacts with the hops in the beer. And fascinating as this may sound, this is not something you want happening to your beer.
The point being that ‘skunked out’ is believed to be another inspiration for the origin of our beloved Kudix the skunk.

Or maybe it’s just that word drunk rhymes with skunk, and as undramatic as that sounds, that’s really how all of this happened. 

Place your bets!