Founders Day Menu

Toit turned 8 this year. ( That’s something between 48-51 dog years, so we’re pretty old. And pretty wise.)

Over the years, we’ve developed a little tradition of sorts, to celebrate this milestone. In the case of Toit’s anniversaries, since our founders prefer the low-key approach to all things life and media, instead of telling you all about them and their journeys, we commemorate it with a very special Founders Day Menu.

That’s right. It’s the best birthday-party-return-gift scenario you could ask for. Made better by the fact that each dish is a tiny tribute to our founders’ roots. You’ll see what we mean.

Low-Key Founder #1: The Sindhi
The Dish: Dal Pakwan

A dish instantly loved and recognised by Sindhis across the world. Our version of this classic is channa dal cooked with Indian spices, topped with a tangy tamarind chutney and some crunchy onions, served on crispy fried pakwan!

Low-Key Founder #2: The Mallu
The Dish(es): Kerala Beef Fry & Nethili Meen Fry

It isn’t a mallu-menu unless there’s a bit of beef, and a little bit of fish in there. We do spicy beef stir-fried with coconut chips on coin parathas for the Kerala Beef Fry, and Indian anchovies in a spicy batter, fried to a crispy-crisp with some raw onion and lime on the side, for the Nethili Meen Fry.

Low-Key Founder #3: The Tamilian
The Dish(es): Poriyal Puff & Kuzhi Panniyaram

Sautéed vegetables combined with a favourite snack? Yes please!
This puff pastry is lined with ridge gourd chutney, filled with carrot and beans poriyal, and topped with an oh-so-cheesy mornay sauce.

The Kuzhi Panniyaram is like a shallow-fried ball of love (actually rice and lentil batter) and we stuff it with whatever your pick is between chilli cheese and mutton kheema.

Low-Key Founder #4: The Anglo
The Dish: Ball Curry

Or ‘Bad Word Curry’ as the Anglo aunties call it, is arguably the most Anglo-Indian a dish can get. It’s essentially a meat-ball curry made of tender beef, cooked in a spicy tomato and coconut gravy, and served with coconut rice.
Nicely eat up, child!

The only thing left for you to figure out now, is which dish represents which of our founders. Rumour has it that trying each of the dishes in person (ideally with a beer) helps this guessing game exponentially.
Because it’s not like their names are dead giveaways or anything, right?!