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Toit’s Beer Festival Calendar

It’s almost September and everyone’s talking about the Oktoberfest.(Because the Oktoberfest actually starts in September, and sort of just gets over in October, but it is what it is.)
Confusing beer festival names aside, it’s a well known fact that beer makes you merry and cheery and feeling festive. Hence, beer festivals.

But festivals, apart from being places where you can put your liver to the ultimate test, also double up as spaces where enthusiasts can sample not just a whole variety of beers but also cultures, meet passionate drinkers and brewers, and generally contribute to keeping the brewing spirit (and economy) alive and kicking.

In the spirit of Oktoberfest, here is our pick of five fun beer festivals that happen across the world.
And even though there are more than 30 that take place every year, we’ve picked five that happen around this time of the year, so that it’s not too late for you to take a mini, boozy vacation.Curate a calendar dedicated to craft beer, if you will.
Because we know, beer makes bitter-butter, Betty, and everything else better.


Where- London, England
When- Early August
Since- AD 1977

If you grab your bags now and jump on a plane, you might just make it in time! This festival worth mentioning because it’s not called the ‘biggest pub in the world’ for no reason. Organised by the Campaign For Real Ale (CAMRA), this festival offers over 900 ales, ciders, perries and international beers for you to try. If statistics are to be believed, in 2006, CAMRA estimated that one pint is sold every half second at the festival. (That’s 350,000 pints for around 60,000 people spread over a week!)


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