Behind the Brewpub ScenesMeet the man who loves his cooking as much as he loves his clothes.

Running a brewpub isn’t easy- it’s a lot of work, a lot of sweat and the occasional tears.

There are a lot of good, earnest people working behind the scenes, who put in a great deal of effort, round-the-clock, to ensure that everything you love about Toit stay that way.
And these people are none other than our never-tiring, ever-inspiring staff.
Our very own Toit Army- a battalion dedicated to the cause of good beer!

He loves to cook, he loves fashion, so it’s no wonder he’s that good at styling and plating our food—meet Bhuwan from the Production Department, who insists that there’s nothing quite like the water of Darjeeling.

Where are you from and how did Toit happen?

I’m from Darjeeling. I came here first in 2008. I worked in a continental restaurant, and I did that for two years. After that I shifted to another restaurant and worked there for another two years.

Then in 2011, on 15th February, I joined Toit.

How did you learn about Toit?

When I first came here, it wasn’t even open. One of my friends told me that there was a vacancy in a new place called Toit. So I came here for an interview. I met the chefs, and they didn’t take a trial or anything. They just spoke to me and then I joined.

I met the chefs, and they didn’t take a trial or anything. They just spoke to me and then I joined.

Were you a chef in the other restaurants you worked at previously?

No, no. There, I used to work in the service department.

Have you always liked cooking? How did you make the shift?

Yes. I have always liked it. I was in the service department first but I didn’t like it so much, so I started cooking. When I started working at the second restaurant, from service I applied for the kitchen. From there, I got involved in cooking.

What’s a typical workday at Toit like?

My duty starts at 2:30 pm. I come here and first check my section, if everything is there. The boys give me the handover and from then the work starts. It’s very busy. There’s barely any free time and the day goes by with you just working.
I usually finish around 11:30 pm.

What do you handle in the kitchen?

My specialty is the pantry section. That’s my responsibility. Apart from that, I also check whether all the plating is done properly. Somedays when the chefs are unwell or have taken an off, I take their place.

What do you like making the most and the least?

I like making the Nachos the most! And the Stuffed Chicken the least. It’s hard to make!

My specialty is the pantry section. That’s my responsibility.

Anything eventful ever happen in the four years you’ve been working in the kitchen?

Lots of things happen. Sometimes you’re so busy that you don’t have the time to go check every part of the kitchen. Even I’ve made mistakes in the four years I’ve been here, like burning bread or forgetting to add some ingredients.
But we also know how to adjust for mistakes and make it right before we send a dish out.


How do you manage the huge crowd that Toit has? It must get really hectic.

Yes, we follow a system. Based on how the orders come in, we follow that. Also, when it gets really busy, our assistants also help us out to get orders done on time.

How do you spend your off days?

My off days are on Monday. If there are some good movies in the theatre, I go and watch those. I live with my brother and two friends. My brother works in the service sector. He used to work in the bakery section before.
I also like reading books a lot. I read a lot of cookery books. My favourite chef is Gordon Ramsey. I watch his recipes on TV and the internet.

Do you cook for your housemates?

Everyone makes their own food. I don’t like the food they make, so I cook for myself! *laughs*

I also like reading books a lot. I read a lot of cookery books.

Do you miss Darjeeling?

Yes, I miss it a lot. My parents are there, and also my wife and my 3 year old son. This July, on the 19th, was his birthday but I couldn’t be there, so I missed him a lot. I go visit them every year for one month.

I also miss the hills of Darjeeling, and the water. The water is fresh and it is very tasty. Even when you boil it, it tastes nice, unlike here where there is no taste.

What is the biggest difference between Bangalore and Darjeeling?

There is a lot of difference! In Darjeeling, there are not so many work opportunities but Bangalore you can do so many things.

Also, the weather in Bangalore is really nice. Darjeeling becomes very cold in the winters. It snows there. The weather here is more mild. It’s not too hot nor too cold.

What are your favourites at Toit?

Food- Beefy Loaded Potatoes!

Drink- I don’t drink. I’ve tasted the beers but I don’t know much about alcohol. My friends have told me that the Toit Tint-In-Wit is very nice.

How have the last four years here been?

From the time I started working at Toit, I gained a lot of experience and started liking cooking even more. I learnt a lot, and I like learning all the new dishes that are added to the menu. And I get a lot of support here, so it has been a very nice experience working here.

I would have had a business back home I think, in clothes.

If not Toit, if you weren’t a chef, then what would have been doing?

I would have had a business back home I think, in clothes. Out there, the fashion industry does very well. There is a lot of interest in fashion in Darjeeling. So I would have had a clothes shop, I think.