Aii-Pee-Aay Pale Ale

The Classic Pale Ale is a dry ale brewed with Munich & Pale Ale malts, generously hopped with cascade hops.

In the early 1700s Britain had a problem. Troops and British citizens living in India as part of the colonial rule did not have access to good British ale and any attempts to ship the malt British ales to India resulted in spoilage.

India Pale Ale, or IPA, was the solution. The generous amount of hops in this brew protected it from the heat and motion of the British sailing ships of the day.

Aroma Malty with a light hop aroma.
Flavour Starts with hop bitterness and ends with residual sweetness. Gets a mildly citrus taste from the cascade hops.
Appearance Amber
Mouthfeel Medium-body