The 'Naughty Is Nice' Christmas Menu
The 'Naughty is Nice' Christmas Menu is here!!!
Let's Start at the Start
Some scrumptious starters to get your appetite going.

At Toit, eating is an experience. Our food isn’t fine dining, nor is it meant to be fancy. What we do have is really good soul food, the kind that requires us to be completely invested, and gets you completely involved. And the choices you’ll find on our menu will lend to that experience. That’s why we have dishes like the Barbecue Wings for which you have to get down and dirty, the Pizzas that are cooked to perfection in our kilns so that you can taste all the goodness of baking done right, the Steaks if you’re in the mood for fine-dining, dessert to satisfy the sweetest tooth, and a whole bunch of starters that get you all warmed up for main course. We’ve tried to ensure that everything on our menu, food and drinks alike, complement each other, so whether you choose to pig out, or tank up, there’s an inherent feeling of  getting Toit in all of it.