Your Beer Black Book-UntappdThe app that helps you keep track of every little beer detail!

Ever tasted a great brew, tried your best to remember the name and found yourself unable to recall the name the next morning?

Yeah. We know that crushing feeling of frustration. And that’s why we think this app is really cool.

Untappd is similar to most check-in apps, but with the added feature of social discovery. Essentially, this app is your boozy compass of sorts, enabling you to find various craft beers, and bars that serve them in the vicinity.


Being a social app, it allows you to see recommendations by others, track the especially popular ones and also figure out the bars most frequented by your social circle.

But what we really love about this app is that it lets you maintain a little beer diary of your own, so that you can keep track of every beer one you’ve consumed.

You can enter the beer into the app, post a photo of it, rate it and share your views on the brew with everyone else. It’ll make a connoisseur out of you before you know it!



And there are rewards too! As you continue uncovering and sharing beers and locations, you earn a variety of badges for your contribution.
You can also create a wish-list of the beers you want to try, and make it a point to check them off that list.


The next time you really enjoy a brew, you can share your views with people all over the world. Another nifty tool aiding us in the quest to promote quality beer. And you’ll never have to worry about forgetting a particularly good brew ever again.