Sibi Venkataraju

Erstwhile super geek turned superstar pub owner. He’s the guru of processes, & is referred to as the ‘head master’ at Toit because he runs a real tight Toit ship.

True to his nerdy status, Sibi worked with Catena Technologies as an IT consultant for the banking and financial services industry in Singapore, Japan and the US in the areas of business process management and financial trading for six years, before he decided that he was done with his nerdy ways, and became a full-time badass, by focusing all his efforts towards pH4. Prior to working as an IT consultant, Sibi worked for a market research company, and also worked in Afghanistan briefly, for an NGO. Sibi has a Bachelor of Information Systems degree from the National University of Singapore.

He’s the one who has everyone’s nose to the grindstone … or in the beer mug.