Arun George

Former jock who meandered through corporate mediocrity before he decided to take that proverbial plunge. And what a long, strange trip it’s been! True to his jock status, this guy comes second ONLY to the head-brewer for beer consumption.

Arun worked as a financial consultant with Hewlett Packard, and has been involved with various compliance & business controls related assignments for HP.  He has also worked with HP Singapore. Before joining HP and doing all things corporate, Arun worked as an associate director with Matrix Services Limited, a HK- based corporate advisory & market research firm, where he did EVEN more corporate things. But the jock in him couldn’t take it anymore. He knew he had a more swag-filled purpose to fulfil.  And Toit was the answer. Arun has an MBA from Nanyang Business School in Singapore and a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Bangalore University.

He’s the muscle, the one who shows everyone how it’s done. Cross him only if you’re absolutely sure of winning. Actually, maybe not even then.