We’ve ExpandedCome experience the comfort of our all-new section!

We’ve expanded! It’s a whole new section with all kinds of reinventing. But don’t worry- it’s the same familiar feeling, along with a few cool additions.

Gracing the new section, as soon as you enter, is a mud mural of the logo, flanked by stained glass depicting the constant moral battle everyone faces after consuming a certain amount of beers.


And we took a few liberties and extended our reinvention to the art on the walls as well.
Step in and take a look around- we’ve got classic paintings dating all the way back to the Renaissance up, for your viewing pleasure- but with classic Toit twists in each one.
We’re not going to spoil the fun. You’ll have to come by yourself to see what we’re talking about. Here’s a sneak peek though. See if you can spot the sly stylings.

Toit-New_Section-2The great thing about this section is that it’s a vantage point for the stage and the rest of Toit. Best place to sit back in our extremely comfortable, extremely stylish and extremely Irish high sofas, relax, enjoy a drink and watch a live act.

We could go on describing, but we really think its best if you come on down and see it yourself.