The Ultimate Oktoberfest Withdrawal SolutionWe have the solution to your Oktoberfest hangover!

Oktoberfest is well and truly done.
Yeah even though October kind of just started, the festival started mid-September and ended during the first week of October. It’s a wonder why no one’s passed a motion to call it September fest yet.

But whatever the case, you’re going to have to wait another year for all the revelry to return.
Or do you?

The festival might have passed, but we just dropped our brand new Oktoberfest Menu, and it’s exactly the kind of withdrawal therapy you need.

Of course, we put a lot of thought into replicating the exact same feels, so you’ll just have to try and it see.

Let the festivities begin.



No Oktoberfest Menu can be taken seriously unless it has a more than generous share of sausages. And that’s exactly what the Sausage Schwartzenplatter is. German-style Bratwurst, Knaxx sausage and German-style Weisswurst sausages, all served with mustard and, ahem, veggies. If that won’t convince you, then we don’t know what will.

At this point, you might be thinking we have a bit of a weakness when it comes to sausages. And you’d be right! Taking it to the next level of sausage supremeness is Helga’s Weakness—a snail style German sausage served with mashed potatoes. Of course, we’ve added our own twists to them, and no, we’re not just talking about the shape.

Moving on to the next dish on the menu, which merits a try just on account of sheer awesomeness—The Och Schnitzel.

It’s beef, batter fried, with a traditional German potato salad.

It’s not a Toit-style Oktoberfest Menu unless we’ve got some pizza in there, right?!

 The Power Packed Sausage Pizza, (yes, sausage again, we can’t help ourselves!), with Garlic Krakauer Sausage, is covered in BBQ sauce and smoked Buffalo Mozzarella. Some serious German efficiency went into crafting this one.


Finishing things off on a sweet note, the oh-so-sweet, the oh-so-lovely, Black Forest Cherry Torte. It’s like falling in love at a beer festival, the feeling when you tuck in into this classic cake. But it’s our version, so be prepared to fall hard!

Did you really think that an Oktoberfest Menu would be complete without a Special beer for the occasion? Of course not!

To top it all off, and make everything better, and merrier, in true Oktoberfest spirit, we give you—Toit’s Oktoberfest Lager, which casts a dreamy golden glow over this entire menu, the way only a good brew can.

Still missing Oktoberfest? Yeah, we didn’t think so.