Brewery Tours

The Toit Brewery Tours take your beer-drinking experience to a whole new level.

So, what is the Toit Brewery Tour all about?

Our brewery tour will give you a first-hand insight on how breweries really work, and what goes into creating your favourite brews.
This is also a chance to get talking with the brewer and get him to answer any brewing related questions you might have.
And to make things even sweeter, you get to experience and understand the food pairing for every brew you taste.

A few points to keep in mind-

Private Tours

If the Saturday 12 noon timing does not suit you, and you have a decent group size or you want to take out your corporate team, we do private brewery tours at a pre-arranged time and day for a small fixed charge in addition to the per head charges. (Note that certain time and day restrictions will still apply). For more information, get in touch with us at

Sweetening the Experience

And making the whole experience a lot sweeter, all funds collected through the tour will be donated to the various charities Toit works with. So right from CUPA, SpasticsSociety, Little Sisters of the Poor (Home for the aged) to the GoSports Foundation and the Terry Fox Run, all of the funds collected go to the chosen charity of the month.
Because all the money goes to charity, refunds won’t be possible.

You can learn more about Toit’s involvement with some of these charities here- Toit Worthy Initiatives.

Sounds like something you and your friends would want to do?
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And soon too! We hate turning people away, but we can only incorporate a certain number so that the experience remains personal.

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