The Totally Toit Song ListThe quintessential list of songs about everything boozy!

The drinking tradition has been around for thousands of years. And so much celebration is bound to have attracted much poetic professing of love. Or hate.

One of the most defining features of the brewpub is the music played there. It’s what sets the tone for all the drinking and conversation for the rest of the night. Kind of like a background score to your boozy feature film, if you will.

We looked up some classics over the years and decided to put together a list of ten songs that celebrate all the wondrous, and not so wondrous things about having a drink. (or one too many!)
Some of them are here just for being iconic songs about drinking, and some are here just because they’re just the best to sing along to. In no particular order, we give you the Totally Toit Song List.

Song # 1

I Get Knocked Down- Chumbawamba

We’re starting the list off with something hopeful. It’s kind of like an ode to the relentless pursuit of good brew. And a rather crazy capacity-“He drinks a whiskey drink, he drinks a vodka drink, he drinks a lager drink, he drinks a cider drink.” Phew! Also, this is a pretty great over-all general life-approach to have.

Summer Wine- Lee Hazlewood and Nancy Sinatra

Although this song has multiple interpretations, we’d like to think of it as a warning related to much too much wine drinking, and the consequences of doing that with a mysterious beautiful woman.  Originally written by Lee Hazlewood, the song was made famous by the inclusion of Nancy Sinatra.

Song # 3

Tequila- The Champs

Of course. Everybody knows this song. And it doesn’t even matter if you don’t. You hear the chorus just once and it becomes that song that suddenly everyone at the bar is bonding over. Also, after a few drinks down, it’s probably the easiest one to remember the lyrics to. Tequila!

Song # 4

Alabama Song- The Doors

Made famous by The Doors, Jim Morrison’s signature voice gives everyone the perfect excuse to make their way to the bar. No questions asked!

Song #5

Sunday Mornin’ Coming Down- Kris Kristofferson

There’s a line in the song that goes- “And the beer I had for breakfast wasn’t bad, so I had one more for dessert.” This kind of dedication to beer needed to be commended. Also, that kind of sounds like the perfect meal.

Song # 6

It’s Five-o-clock Somewhere- Alan Jackson

No list about drinking would be complete without a country song. It just can’t be done. And this particular one is the best example for how any time is a good time for a nice, tall one. We’d drink to that!

Song # 7

Brass Monkey-Beastie Boys

The clue is in the title. Plus it’s pretty much as mindless as a track can get. And again, that extremely easy to remember, catchy chorus. Brass Monkey! Monkey! Monkey!

Song # 8

Have a Drink On Me- AC/DC

Because, AC/DC.

Song # 9

I like Beer- Tom T. Hall

Possibly the most optimistic song about what happens when you’ve thrown back a couple or more. In the chorus, Tom happily proclaims “I like Beer”.
We do too, Tom. We do too.

Song # 10

We’re leaving this one empty. It’s for you to add your own favourite boozy track. Or an excuse for a whole new list. Go on. Plug in those earphones, turn up the system. We know you have a list!