Toit’s Tree of AngelsTime to feel all warm and fuzzy.

There are some things that are as close to our hearts as our brews. And the Tree of Angels is one of them.


Every Christmas, we try to instil the spirit of giving the best way we can, and give our customers a chance to play Santa.

Toit, along with the NGO ‘Place for Change’, made the Angel Tree initiative a reality in 2012 and have been carrying on the sense of sharing ever since.

We set up our Tree of Angels every Christmas, which is decorated with numerous pictures of young boys and girls, along with their wish-list of something they would like to receive as a gift from Santa.

Customers can pick up a card, approach our staff members, who will then collect Rs. 250 from them. After this, they will be informed about a date and time for when the gift distribution will take place, and you can come be a part of the cheer. Happy kids, lots of laughs, gifts being unwrapped and a special lunch after—sounds like the best kind of party to us!

Makes you all warm and fuzzy, and for once, without the help of our brews. If you’re in the mood for some more fuzziness, you can check out our other initiatives here.