Who said beers weren’t healthy?

Whoever did, probably hadn’t tried our whole range of fruit based beers.

Yes, if it wasn’t enough that beer in itself is quite the robust drink (at one point a healthier option than water even!), we’ve experimented with enough fruits to create a veritable fruit salad of sorts, albeit a boozy one.

Come, let us explore.

PS:- Any medical facts you might see here have been put together in jest, after a pint or two. So don’t take our word for it, ok?!


#1 Mangoes

Which means the Aam Aadmi Ale.

It’s mangoes + beer guys. Can it get any better?
This Summer special ale is as refreshing as it is popular, and is usually gone before you know it.

Also, mangoes are known to help fight heat strokes. What better beer to have in the Summer then?!


#2 Musambi

If mangoes aren’t your thing (you’re weird!) we have another equally refreshing Summer special in the form of the Musambi Wheat.

Citrusy goodness of sweet lime combined with the refreshing taste of a cold beer—the Vitamin C will take of your immune system, and let’s just say the beer will make you immune to everything else. Boom!


#3 Passion Fruit

For those looking for more of a sweet and sour balance, look no further—the Passion Potion is the drink for you.

Inebriate all your senses with this beer, that’s more potent than any love potion you’ll ever have.

Also, passion fruit is great for your sight, and beer even better, what you being able to see double of everything after a while and all!


#4 Pumpkin

A festive beer, right in time to lend you some spicy-sweet liquid courage for Halloween.

With roasted pumpkin, a bunch of spices, and jaggery, this is as yummy and healthy as beer gets. Maybe.

And Pumpkin helps you feel fuller, which is an instant diet control solution right there. Plus, we’ve always been proponents of a liquid (read:beer) diet.


#5 Jackfruit

Going a little local with this one, with 25kgs of jackfruit going into the making of this fruity beer. If you’re wary of the combination, take a sip and let it surprise you. (see what we did there?)

 Jackfruit is known to help prevent wrinkles and give you flawless glowing skin—and with enough glasses of this beer, everyone else starts looking amazing too!

See? We’re just trying to make the world a healthier (?) and prettier place.

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