Toit Worthy Initiatives

What makes our beer different?
Apart from the essential four, it contains one more ingredient that’s just as essential to us: our beer has heart.
Here are some of the initiatives we are as passionate about as our beer.

Terry Fox Run

Toit was one of the associate sponsors for the Terry Fox Run. This one is a little personal to us – one of our co-founders, Mukesh, has a nephew affected by the same form of cancer that Terry Fox suffered from. Inspired by what Terry Fox did back in 1980, he set out to recreate the same run in Bangalore. The Terry Fox Run Bangalore chapter was successfully conducted in 2012 & Toit is proud to have a been part of this initiative.
Read more about the Terry Fox Run here.

Global Vision

Toit supports Global Vision, an organisation founded to help needy cancer patients.
Read more about Global Vision here.

Angel Tree Initiative

Giving all its customers a chance to play Santa, Toit worked along with the NGO ‘Place for Change’ in December 2012, to make the Angel Tree Initiative a reality, where Toit customers contributed funds which were used to purchase gifts for underprivileged kids.

Go Sports Foundation

Go Sports Foundation helps India’s Future Olympians & Paralympians by providing financial, coaching and infrastructure support and Toit contributes to this foundation that helps underprivileged kids realise their sporting dreams.
Read more about Go Sports Foundation here.

Animal Rescue Foundations

With a mascot like the adorable Kudix, how could we not? Toit is committed to helping organisations that selflessly work towards rescuing & rehabilitating mistreated/abandoned/sick animals.

Don’t Drink & Drive Initiative

We’re all about responsible drinking. We wanted to get that message out, along with our appreciation for the traffic police, for the tough job they do every single day. So as a part of Toit’s responsible drinking initiative, we sponsored jackets for the Indiranagar traffic police, with a “Don’t Drink & Drive” message on the back. Drive down 100ft road on a rainy day and chances are you will come across a policeman wearing a Toit-sponsored jacket.