Toit Trivia – St. Patrick’s DayIt's all about leprechauns, clovers, beer and of course, good old St. Pat!

St. Patrick’s Day, is celebrated in memory of Ireland’s beloved Saint Patrick, and has, over the years, become an important day in every beer lover’s calendar.

It’s the perfect representation of drowning sorrows and celebrating life, and is quite a big deal in a whole lot of countries. Except India. And so, we decided we should do something about that. So here’s some Toit Trivia about this glorious day, and we hope it’ll give you the excuse you were looking for to go out and celebrate over some beers, in the middle of the week. (Not like you need an excuse!)

#1 Green is the new Blue.

You’ve probably seen a lot of bright green associated with the day. But really, St. Patrick’s colour is something known as St. Patrick’s blue, which is a light shade of blue. Green only became the colour of choice for the day after the Irish Independence movement was associated with it, some time during the 18th century.
So, yeah. You don’t really have an excuse to bring those moss green bell bottoms out.

#2 It’s not just for Ireland.

If you thought Ireland was the only country celebrating today, think again! It’s actually a really big deal in a lot of other countries too. Especially in New York, where they have a massive parade to mark the occasion, probably one of the largest ever parades in the world!

#3 It’s a National Holiday in Ireland.

The surprising bit however, is that it was originally intended to be a religious holiday, which meant it was also a dry day, with all the watering holes closed on the day. But sometime in the 1970s, it was deemed a National Holiday and all was well again! Phew!

#4 It’s great for Beer Economics.

Beer sales have been known to skyrocket during this day, around the world. Guinness, which is said to sell about 5.5 million pints across the world on a regular day, ends up selling close to 13 million pints on this day alone!
And as far as the collective beer industry is concerned, statistics state that in 2012 on this day, beer sales reached $245 million! Didn’t we say that good beer was great for the economy? Take note, India!

#5 The Symbolic Shamrock

The Shamrock, which has become symbolic with all things Irish, is really just a tiny sprig of clover. It became associated with the day because it is said that while preaching, St. Patrick used it as a symbol to represent the holy trinity of the Christian faith. The four-leaf clover is an uncommon variation of the same plant, found rarely and considered by some to be lucky. (Probably Guinness on St. Patrick’s Day!)

#6 St. Patrick isn’t Irish!

* Cue dramatic music*
Yup. Dear Saint Pat was actually British. He was adopted as the patron saint of Ireland because he gained fame preaching Christianity there.

#7 Pat’s Porter

Oh, and if all this trivia was beginning to make you feel a little left out from all the revelry, we’re here to save the day! Our very special Pat’s Porter is a celebration of everything we mentioned above, and just about having a day to celebrate great beer.

So now you have an excuse to dress up in green (or blue) and celebrate this obscure little holiday, and add to the beer consumption around the world. Maybe even push for a St. Kudix’s Day? Anyway, let it never be said that Bengaluru didn’t play a significant role in St. Patrick’s Day celebrations!