Terms of ‘Toit’mentThe Thesaurus for the slightly 'tight'.

Getting Toit…oops, we mean tight, isn’t something new. And every place develops a unique drunken vocabulary just like that to describe that glorious feeling of ideal inebriation.

Bangaloreans have their own share of these words, and while there are probably a whole lot more out there, we picked some rather popular ones for our list.
In no particular order, and no particular reason for selection, except that they seemed kind of catchy at the time and came to mind first, here they are:


Pronunciation: Tull (sounds like hull)- Lee (as in Lee of Bruce fame.)
Used in a sentence: “Hey man! Can you come pick us up? We’re fully talli!”
Possible origin: We have absolutely no idea!


Pronunciation: Tie-tuh.
Used in a sentence: “Dude! Did you see her at Shilpa’s party? She was so tight man!”
Possible origin: Might be a reference to waistlines becoming too tight after drinking too much.


Pronunciation: Bzzzz-ing.
Used in a sentence: “Bro! Bro! I think I’m buzzing, bro!”
Possible origin: We think this term came about as an attempt to describe that fuzzy feeling in the cheeks one experiences after consuming a satisfactory amount of alcohol.


Pronunciation: Gow-nuh (of fully gone fame.)
Used in a sentence: “Oh maan! He’s gone! Like fully gone!”
Possible origin: When people go beyond the point of making any sense while talking.


Pronunciation: Tull (sounds like full)-dee (of Dexter and Dee Dee fame)
Used in a sentence: “Whoaa! Full tuldi ah?”
Possible origin: Again, no idea at all.

Tanked Up

Pronunciation: COME ON! Really? It’s simple English!
Used in a sentence: ” Just met George. He’s totally tanking up!”
Possible origin: As a metaphor to a gas tank being fuelled up.

Boozed Up

Pronunciation: Booose-ed up.
Used in a sentence: “I sent that message when I was fully boozed up, ya! Now what should I do?”
Possible origins: We grew up with Boost. Boost boosted us up. Just like Booze, boozes us…this makes no sense, does it?


Pronunciation: Slaw-ssshhh-ed
Used in a sentence: “Check out this selfie ya! We were totally sloshed!”
Possible origin: You’ve had so much to drink that you can feel the alcohol sloshing around in your innards.


Pronunciation: Smash-ed (Of “Hulk! Smash!” fame.)
Used in a sentence: “Oh man. That was a crazy night. We all got so smashed! Let’s go get smashed again next Friday!”
Possible origin: This could either refer to loss of motor coordination after consuming copious amounts of alcohol, causing the individual to smash into people and things; or men being overcome by alcohol encouraged testosterone and feeling the need to smash hands while arm wrestling.

You probably have your own unique terms that have gone through multiple stages of evolution to reach their present day pronunciation. They might have even evolved from some of these. Share away, we say!