Toit at the OktoberfestThe things that happen when Toit goes to the Oktoberfest.

The Brotherhood of Brew (half of it anyway) along with the Elder Brewer happened to visit the distant lands of fellow beer lovers, The Knights of the Germanic Order. Needless to say, in true Toit style, it was a journey filled with maidens, madness and merrymaking.


1. We begin with the best- the barmaids. Can they really carry that much beer?


Brotherhood of Brew: It’s true. These women are amazing! For more reasons than one. But back to the beer.
Some of them are the typical scary, butch women who look like they could knock you out if you piss them off, which kind of makes you nervous while ordering. But even more surprising are the tiny women, who carry about 6-7 glasses with ease, each of which weigh at least 2.5 kilos! Insanity!
Mess with them, you do not want to!


2. Craziest thing you did. (feel free to answer for each other!)


BoB: Nothing crazy happened. This was a serious, educational business trip.

*Right! An inside source mentioned some photographic evidence of this trip existing. Must unearth!*


3. Craziest thing you saw.


BoB: The number of people passed out before noon on a hill next to the Oktoberfest grounds, and revellers getting into all kinds of trouble with the security staff, being thrown out and generally being entertaining for the rest of us.


4. Which one of you can drink the most and still remain standing? 


BoB: Living up to the badassery levels expected of the Elder Brewer, the unanimous verdict is- our brewer!
He can drink more than the average bear. We kid you not! The only way to be sure is to find yourself a beer drinking bear and go challenge him!


5. Difference in the beers-here and there.


BoB: It’s all mostly lagers and Hefeweizen, all very German. They serve the typical Oktoberfest lager for the most part, and this can get boring pretty quickly if you prefer other kinds of beer.


6.One piece of  useful/ useless advice for anyone planning to go next year.


BoB: Three pieces of advice really-
Do it when you’re still young. Or be prepared to bear the consequences.
Get to the grounds early, or you won’t get seating, which means you won’t get served, which will kind of suck.
And, carry a spare liver with you.