Valentine’s Day is over…

(so please stop playing 3 Doors Down on loop now!)…and you’ve either come out with butterflies in your stomach, or with an intensified dislike for all things red and romantic in your heart.

Either way, we have a few sure-shot solutions for next time, so that the butterflies keep fluttering, and your heart (well, stomach actually) is filled with things other than rage.


The Basmati Blonde because…

…she’s light and easy, no fuss, and gets along well with literally everything.

She might expect the occasional indulgence and loyalty, but hey! With a body like that, it isn’t asking for too much.


The Tintin Toit because…

…your valentine should be fun, not play too-hard-to-get, and just generally put you at ease.

We guarantee a second date with this one.

Is that a guarantee with your Valentine? Huh?!


The Toit Weiss because…

…who doesn’t love a fun, happy , flavourful valentine comfortable in their own body?

Look at it like this—whichever way it goes, you’ll still end up having a hell of a good time.

So, how was the 14th for you again?


The Colonial Toit because…

…chivalry is not dead! And you deserve to be treated like a princess (or prince) today.

After a great evening, you might even end up with a great mug of tea…um…beer.

Tell us, did you have the front door opened for you?


The Toit Red because…

…red, hot romance. It’s the one day you get to be wild and can totally blame it on the beer.

Plus, if you don’t call back the next day, you won’t receive any passive-aggressive behaviour the next time you meet. Promise.


The Dark Knight because…

…it’s all the brooding, dark mystery without any of the baggage.

No daddy-mommy-issues, and definitely no psychotic villains kidnapping you half-way through your date to exact revenge.

Can’t say the same about your Valentine’s exes though, can you?


What can we say?

Maybe we’re secretly romantics at heart. Maybe.

We just hope you find the perfect beer for you, wherever you go.

*cue The Calling.*

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