Things You Can Do With BeerLet your love for beer spill over.

Did you know that there are a bunch of things you can do with beer, apart from drinking it?

We know you love your beer, and so here’s a list of things you can do with it, so that even when you’re not drinking, you’re still together. Aww!

Bathe in it

Ever wanted to take your drink to the tub and just relax? Now you can take your drink to the tub and soak in it. Think of it like a different kind of bubble bath, but just as glorious.

Marinate meat

Taking beer and food pairing to the next level, by literally dunking your meat in beer. Marinating meat in beer makes it a lot more tender without altering the flavour much, unlike wine. And then you can drink some beer while barbecuing. Perfect, or what?

Shampoo your hair

If a bath seemed too excessive, maybe just restrict it to your hair. This little trick is quite a famous one, and if the drudgery of the city life has dulled your hair along with your senses, we recommended beer to liven both up.

Go all green thumbs

Turn the brown spots in the lawn into green, by simple spraying some chemical free beer on them. Grass thrives on the sugars in beer, which incidentally also helps kill fungi.

Get a good night’s rest

Hops in beer are said to aid sleep, and rinsing your pillow case with a little hopped up brew can work wonders for your sleeping patterns. Or you could drink enough beer and let it do the job for you automatically.

Clean the carpet

Stains on the carpet are not the kind of memories you want, and beer can help you forget. Pour some on a particularly annoying stain, let it soak in and then just use a clean cloth to get it off. We recommend you test this on a not-so-favourite-carpet before you try it, though.

Shiny up the Pots and Pans

Beer may not be the best option to clear your mind, but it sure can clear your rusty utensils. Soak your coppers in beer for 10-15 minutes and just rub off any stains and dirt with a cloth. Easy-boozy.

Or just grab a pint and ignore this list. Because you really shouldn’t be doing anything with great beer apart from drinking it.
And as luck would have it, we’ve got a new one on tap for you to try—come by, check out the Lazy Summer Lager, and make more lists you’re never going to follow.