The Toit Brewery ToursYour chance to see where all the boozy magic happens!

We’ve always been passionate about creating beer awareness among our patrons, so that they can savour their brews in multiple ways.

And we’re now taking that appreciation a step further. Presenting the Toit Brew Tours. It’s your chance to get way more than a sneak peek of our brewery, observe the way our brews are made, indulge in some sampling and generally up your beer smarts.
If brewing was a rock show, consider this your backstage pass to all the booziness.

If brewing was a rock show, consider this your backstage pass to all the booziness.

The Toit Brew Tour is something we’ve been planning for a while and we’re ready to invite you into our fabled laboratory.
The Tour has all the ingredients of a classic Beer 101, and a little more. We start you off with some theory, bring in some experts in the field and then get into the practicals. And just like any course worth its salt, you also get certified at the end of it. Yup! We’re serious.

The Tour takes you through the beer basics, everything that goes into making beer, before we plunge into the technicalities and intricacies.

There’s always a lot of different things going on in a brewery- and there are terms for every single step of the way. It’s really almost like a fun science class,  because just like any of the science subjects. brewing is a very exact science and follows strict processes. You’ll learn all about temperatures, bacteria, machinery, percentages and more nerdy things to do with beer. It’s Biology, Chemistry and Physics combined in a way you wish they’d taught at school.
Since brewing is such a serious business, our teachers are extremely thorough. They’re quite likely to slip in a surprise quiz too!

You learn all about temperatures, bacteria, machinery and percentages. Brewing is serious business, and we’re extremely thorough teachers.

But it’s not just lecturing and listening. A major part of the Tour are the practicals, which involve sampling and understanding the art of food pairing and how the right kind of food goes a long way in complementing your favourite brew.

We’re really excited about this and if all of this excites you too, simply visit the Toit Brewery Tours page to register.

Come by, learn, explore, question and experiment- it’s all about sharing knowledge and increasing beer appreciation, and if we’re lucky, we might end up learning a little something from you too.