The Kudix Mug Holder of the MonthSay hello to Arpita, our Kudix Mug Holder for the month of March.

Loyalty is a virtue we cherish. We’re overwhelmed with the kind of loyalty Toit has inspired in people and we’ve decided that it’s time to do some rewarding.

Presenting the Kudix Mug Holder of the Month. It’s our small way of recognising and thanking our patrons, who return week after week, with friends and family in tow, and make Toit the boozy, buzzing brewpub it is.


Say hello to our first lady Mug Holder, loyalist unparalleled for the month of March, Arpita Ganesh.

Arpita moved to Bangalore around the time Toit started, and she’s been a permanent fixture ever since. We like to think of it as fantastic timing.
Being an entrepreneur, she started out spending a lot of time working out of Toit, and now spends a lot of time hanging out with all the people she’s gotten to know over the many years she’s been visiting.

Q.1 What’s your favourite Toit Brew?
ArpitaBasmati Blonde.

Q.2 What’s the craziest thing you have done at Toit?
ArpitaUmm…that would be when I bought the brewer a beer!

Q.3 Have you always been a beer lover? What are some other kinds of beers you like?
ArpitaNo. Just since I moved to Bangalore, three years ago. More like since I started drinking regularly at Toit. I like Lagers, Irish Stouts and the occasional IPA. Not too much of a wheat beer fan.


Q.4 What’s the most amount of beer you’ve had in one sitting?
Arpita: Can’t remember (obviously!). Eight or ten pints maybe. This one day we came in at noon and stayed till 11 pm! So an average of a pint an hour…yeah, i would say about ten.

Q.5 How does it feel, being the first ever female Kudix Mug Holder?
ArpitaFeels awesome! Toit is like a second home to me. Or maybe even ‘school’. It’s like getting the Student of the Year Award. I’ve been recognised a lot for the work I do, but for my beer consumption? Well, who would have thought!

Watch this space to meet our Kudix Mug Holder for the month of April. You never know, it might just be you!