The Great Beard and Beer Love AffairBeards and beer—what's not to love?!

It’s November, which also means there’s a good chance you’ve seen a whole bunch of Movember posts on social media.

Anyway, if you have been living under a rock, or have been avoiding the topic of facial hair, Movember is about a lot more than men growing their beards. (Or crying about not being able to.)

It’s a movement which, through manly face stylings, aims to generate awareness about male health issues, focusing mainly on prostate cancer.
And of course, the best drink in the world had to be involved in some way.


Beer and Beards

Don’t let anyone tell you that drinking beer didn’t have beauty benefits.

Take Beards & Beers, a one-of-a-kind grooming salon where men are given beautification options along with craft beers.

This quaint place in Louisville combines the best of both the bearding and beer-ing worlds, and customers get to enjoy a trim, shave, or haircut with a craft beer of their choosing. Beauty benefits with a beer at the same damn time?

Move over, spas. The latest and greatest form of unwinding is here.


The Beard-Hair Beer

Yup. That’s right. Beer made out of beard hair. Well, the yeast strain acquired from beard hair, to be precise.

The Rogue brewing company, after much experimenting, decided that their head-brewer’s 35 year old beard was the perfect source for culturing the yeast they needed for their new brew.

Over many years of brewing and being around yeast, his beard had collected various different kinds of yeast, all combining to result in the perfect strain for a perfect new beer.

And so they plucked a few hairs, sent it off to a lab, and created the rather aptly named, Beard Beer.
The next time someone tells you to shave that beard off, you tell them just how valuable it can be.



Of course, one of our favourite breweries made a special beer just to celebrate this movement, and also you know, get wasted and shit.
Brewdog have got well and truly involved in promoting the cause, in the best way possible—with beer!
This robust malt beer has notes of dry cocoa and cascade hops, with a respectable ABV of 4.7%.

They’ve got all sorts of cool merchandise and events planned around it too, so if you’re in the neighbourhood, check it out and get involved.


Beer and Beards are in deep.

And here’s some token trivia you can throw around the next time someone brings up beards, beer, or salad. (as if you need an excuse!)

An estimated 93,000 litres  of beer are said to be to lost to beard hair in Great Britain alone. The average moustache traps a pint and a half every year, apparently.

Giving clingy love a whole new meaning, quite literally.


A Good Cause

It really is, giving us all the fuzzy feels. (a literal joke line is being crossed somewhere.)

But while you’re enjoying your beer and proudly playing with your stache, (ladies, you too!), do a little research.

It’s an important cause, so read up, donate, spread the word, spread the beard, and if you want to spread the cheer, you know where to go.