The 2016 List of Beer ResolutionsIt's 2016 and that means 365 new excuses for some beer exploring!

It’s 2016. (In case you hadn’t noticed.)
That’s 365 new excuses to sample beer. A whole year ahead of beer exploring to do. Sigh.

Anyway, we jumped on the resolution bandwagon and decided to dish out some of our own boozy goals for the year.
And everyone is welcome to take on the challenge with us. We’re inclusive that way.

1. Attend a beer festival

Admit it. You’ve always wanted to do it, and it’s always sounded like a damn good idea. And it is!
If you’ve ever yearned to travel halfway across the world to get wasted (and improve your knowledge of beer too, of course) then you’re in luck.
Most beer festivals happen later in the year, and our specially curated calendar will assist you in all your planning! So work your butt off, save up, and set out on a boozy adventure. You never know—there might just be a beer bellied princess/prince waiting for you at the end of it. (yeah, we’re not too great with thinking up incentives apart from beer.)

2. Switch your loyalties

Yeah, yeah. We all have that one go-to beer that turns a lousy day upside down. But the new year is all about trying new things. So don’t be a beer snob. (even though that’s a great topic to display snobbery about.)
Think of it as falling in love for the first time—it’s new, it’s fresh and we swear you’ll have butterflies in your stomach every time you see that beer mug coming towards you. Sigh!

3. Brew your own batch of beer

It’s the mother of all DIY activities. With a little bit of research and some effort, you can brew your very own batch of beer. And the best part? You get to name it whatever the heck you want, and throw a sampling party too!

4. Keep a beer journal

If you thought keeping journals was something teenage girls did, well, you’d be right. But they don’t have to be the only ones, you know!
Imagine a little book, documenting your every amazing new experience and adventure with a new beer .
It’s almost like a little black book of beers. Plus, unlike other black books, no entry in this one will ever break your heart or not call you back. It’s a win-win all the way!
But if you’re a more tech loving sort of person and carrying books around is too hipster-esque for your liking, you might want to try a more modern form of this journal out.

5. Gain some beer knowledge

Claim to be a beer aficionado? Then make it a point to educate yourself on your favourite drink this year. Find out everything there is to know about your favourite beer brand/brewery, and then invite your friends over so that you can brag about it. Maybe even write a blog about it! One beer drinking talent might lead to a writing talent. The new year is full of possibilities, ok?
There are some great books, blogs and forums out there, all overflowing with every little bit of beer-related info you might be thirsting for.
Or you could take our brewery tour.

6. Start a collection

(but don’t hoard!)

Every connoisseur must have a collection. It’s a given. You can start with nostalgic beers that made your youth a little easier and develop it with some world class, limited editions that have made your middle age so much richer. But don’t be a hoarder! No one likes people who don’t share. Plus, the whole point of having a beer collection is to enjoy it and move on to the next. (Zen and The Art of Beer Collection, that.)

So, print out this list, pin it up on your board at work and tick each one off as you fulfil them.
And then come by, have a beer with us and tell us all about it! It’s going to be a good year.