Telling Toit TalesPutting all those rumours to rest...or are we?

We’ve been around for sometime now, and we’ve witnessed many a strange happenings. And one of the more curious things we’ve noticed is the constant speculation, and the many unresolved bar bets, surrounding these questions – “just how do you pronounce Toit?” and, “what’s the story behind their adorable mascot, Kudix the skunk?”

We’ve heard so many bizarre and unusual theories…

We’ve heard so many bizarre and unusual theories, that not sharing them with you would just be pretty damn straitlaced. And we’re many things, but lacy certainly isn’t one of them.


Toit Tale #1

Toit is pronounced like the French word, ‘Twa’, or “Twah’ with an ‘h’ depending on how uppity you want to sound. This one traces its credibility to our unusual architecture, and since ‘Toit’ (twah) is French for ‘roof’, it’s just got to be a reference to our curious looking roof. Right?


Toit Tale #2

We think this one came about as an offshoot of the seemingly dependable ‘French for roof’ theory. Apparently our dear little mascot Kudix, is believed to be inspired from the other world famous skunk of French nationality, Pepe Le Pew.

All we can say is that Kudix wasn’t pleased.


Toit Tale #3

…a colloquial reference for getting plastered, hammered, sozzled, skunked…

‘Toit’ is a reference to being ‘tight’, which in turn is a colloquial reference for getting plastered, hammered, sozzled, skunked (Ooh! Could this be a hint?), tanked-up, tipsy or whatever other word you think describes that beautiful feeling of contentment that washes over you after consuming one of our brews. Some people have been known to describe it as nirvana. But we’ll leave that to your discretion.


Toit Tale #4

We weren’t kidding when we said bizarre. Another popular one is that ‘toit’ is inspired by a beautiful piece of dialogue, from a film that is arguably one of the most stellar examples of quality cinema – Austin Powers in Goldmember. And the classy piece of dialogue goes like this- “Dr. Evil, we still have the ultimate insurance policy. May I present to you, the very sexual, the very toite, Austin Power’s fahza.”


Toit Tale #5

Any ardent beer lover would be familiar with the term ‘skunked out’. For those not familiar, shame on you. Maybe we’ll give you a detailed explanation in our blog. Maaaybe.

Beer is said to have a ‘skunked’ flavour when struck by light.

Quickly though, beer is said to have a ‘skunked’ flavour when struck by light. This happens when the light interacts with the hops in the beer. And fascinating as this may sound, this is not something you want happening to your beer.
The point being that ‘skunked out’ is believed to be another inspiration for our dear mascot, Kudix the skunk.

Again, Kudix was not pleased. At all.


So there you have it. Bizarre musings over beer. And these are just the ones we remembered, off the top of our heads. Maybe next time, we’ll get into what ‘sending it’  really signifies. It’s just so fun much listening to these theories, which range from logical to crazy, that it would be rather sad if we put an end to all this speculation. So we’ll just leave it to you. The truth is out there. Somewhere.