Summer ain’t a bummer, because beer!Summer is the season for beer!

Summer—it’s a sweaty, scratchy, sticky season. But it’s also the season when you appreciate the value of a tall, cold, condensation-covered glass of beer the most.

Some people use the season as an excuse to escape to beaches, and others as an excuse to escape to bars. We support both choices, as long as beer is involved in some way.

Although you’re welcome to whatever brew whenever you want, it’s a good idea to choose a thirst-quenching, refreshing kind to beat the heat, rather than a strong one that, combined with the summer sun, will make your head spin for sure. 

There are some beers that even taste a little better once exposed to the sun. And that’s usually because they have a lot of flavour going for them. It would be a good idea to slow things down when the sun is out, and actually spend time experiencing the evolution of flavours as the temperature of your beer rises.

Operating with this logic, there are definitely some beers that work well during specific seasons. They’re also exciting because they usually contain seasonal ingredients that are only available during a specific time of the year, making the beer and drinking experience that much more special.

In any case, seasonal brews are a great way to expand your beer palate and sample the goodness of local, seasonal ingredients. Which is why some styles are more popular during a specific season, becoming almost indicative of the mood around that time of the year.

Again, you’re free to deviate from these styles based on preference, but summer beers tend to be light brews that are refreshing in style-

Fruit based-beers: You’ll see a lot of fruit-based beers doing the rounds during the summer. Fruits instantly add a refreshing note to beers, and also a whole fun bunch of them tend to be in season during this time.
(*cough* Aam Aadmi Ale *cough*)

Wheat beers: Continuing the fruit-in-beer style, this is one type of beer where the addition of sweet fruity notes works like a wonder. Think Belgian wits or hefeweizens that are spicy without ever being overpowering. You’ll find them served with a slice of lemon quite often, just to make the most of the refreshing taste.

Pilsners: This style of beer is great during a hot summer, owing to the fact that they are light, not too hoppy, and ridiculously refreshing. Best enjoyed at a good ol’ summertime barbecue. 

Regardless of the time of the year though, always keep in mind the three Rs that stay evergreen no matter what season—right glass, right temperature, and right pour. You’ll be set.