Sending Some Christmas Cheer(s)All I want for Christmas is brew.

It’s December.
And you’ll find that festive feeling everywhere. It’s in our beer too.

Of course, we have the standard Santa Ale and Christmas Menu in place. We don’t mess with traditions that way.
But we wanted to bring a more traditional Christmas feeling this time though, and we couldn’t think of a better way to do that than with some good old carol singing.

No, we’re not going to be singing carols for you. That would be disastrous, so we’d rather just stick to what we do best, making you seasonal ales and such.

We’re more than making up for it though, by bringing you not just one musical act, but two super bands for some serious carol crooning.

Keeping tradition alive and kicking, returning to Toit are our season favourites, Fernandes Fusion. With their signature blend of carol classics, popular sing-along songs and up tempi and peppy jazz tunes, they are exactly the kind of sound that’ll get you as excited as you ought to be about the season. Stop by this Sunday, on the 17th, for our Sunday Simmer Down to watch these merry men in action.

But it doesn’t stop there.
This year we’ve taken it a step further and lined up a double whammy of festive feels.

We’ve also got a dedicated carol-singing session lined up for you with The Bangalore Men bringing ‘Carols In The City’ to Toit, on the 21st.
It’s going to be jingling bells, clinking glasses and red-nosed, red-faced revelry. What’s not to love?

Mark your calendars, warm up your voices, and come send the joyful vibe with us. Don’t be shy. We’ve got plenty of liquid courage to supply, all you need to bring are the festive feels. Plus, everyone sounds better after a couple of pints of the Santa Ale. It’s almost like a Christmas miracle! You have to come see (and sing) it to believe it.