Pub ShoppingCarry a little bit of Toit with you, wherever you go.

For the patrons who’d like to carry a little bit of Toit wherever they go.

Or not. The point being we’ve got some pretty cool merchandise in store, and we thought you might like to have a look.


Picture this. You’re having a few friends over at your place. It’s a weekend, and everyone needs to unwind.
You start off by slipping into your favourite Toit T-shirt. You look great and you feel good. This is going to be a fun night.

You stock up on food and drinks, and when that’s done, spread out the Coasters, in all their colourful, caricature centred ,wisdom-filled glory. Many laughs and zero condensation rings on your tables tonight.

…the Coasters, in all their colourful, caricature centred, wisdom-filled glory.

The doorbell rings. It’s time. You can hear familiar voices and laughter outside. You tuck in your T- Shirt, take one last look at yourself in the mirror and open the door. Let’s get this party started.

Many hugs and hellos later, your friends begin to settle down. You head to the kitchen to pull out some chilled beers. The refrigerator door is covered with your favourite Magnets, each one more suggestive than the other. You smile to yourself, beginning to read them all and then remember- drinks!

You reach for your Toit Beer Glasses, and allow yourself to be amused by the cheeky humour on it as you watch the beer slowly fill up the glass.

You’re back in the living room now, and you’re mildly annoyed when you see your friends goofing off with your Toit Lighter. Sure, it’s just a collector’s item, and you don’t really use it, but it’s got Kudix embossed on it and some Kannada love. So Bengaluru. So Toit. So not cool for them to be fooling around with.

…it’s got Kudix embossed on it and some Kannada love

But you shrug it off and get into suave host mode. Now you’re reaching for a bowl of delicious…what?…you’ve had enough of this visualising stuff?…seriously?…FINE!

You can just go see the merchandise down at Toit by yourself then.