Just where do we start when we’re talking about our pizzas?

The stringy, gooey cheese? The very secret in-house sauce that feels like home? The quiet comfort of the crunchiness? The myriad of toppings tossed around to give you a truly unique flavour? We’re really not sure, but we’re going to try anyway.


The classic Pepperoni pizza. Just the right amount of crunch with the chewy goodness of Pepperoni.



There aren’t too many foods out there that complement beer as well as pizza does.

It’s almost like they’re meant to be. Awww!


It’s all about the little details-the cheeses, the sauces.

We’d elaborate, but we’re a tad bit protective of our in-house secrets.


If you want to break away from the classics, there’s the Artichoke and sun-dried Tomato pizza.

It’s like an exotic get-away for your tastebuds.


If you’re making pizza, you’ve got to do it right. No electrical ovens. We’re traditional that way.

A good-old clay oven, with wood fire. So that you can taste the earthy goodness in your pizza.


It takes a little time, but savour the anticipation.

Good things, and good pizza, come to those who wait.


A hot slice of pizza, and some cold beer.

Did someone say bliss?


Loving the pizzas? We’re sure you’ll crave all the other wonderfulness on our menu.

Peruse through it at your convenience and come around with an appetite roaring to go.

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