Pet-a-têteSay hello to Jojo and Yoda!

Jojo and Yoda both can change the mood of the house from extremely hyper to extremely sleepy, says Shibani!

How did Jojo & Yoda come into your life?

About two years ago, a friend’s dog had littered. That’s where we spotted Jojo, a one-month old teeny, tiny irresistible pup. Yoda joined us a few months ago, as an adopted adult dog. We were so lucky to have the chance to give him a new home.

How has life changed since Jojo & Yoda?

Life is hilarious with two dogs.  Each of them has a completely different personality.  The mood of the house is triggered by the mood of the dogs, so we generally swing from extremely hyper to extremely sleepy.

How often do you come to The Permit Room?  

Very often!

Do you plan things around them?

Yes.  We don’t like leave them alone for long stretches of time, particularly on the weekends. We try to find places that are doggy friendly.  Both of them are great road trippers too, so we love to take them on holiday with us.  We’ve been to Mangalore and Chickmagalur with them.

Interesting experiences with Jojo & Yoda that you would like to share?

Jojo has been with us longer, so he is the more well-travelled of the two.  His first experience on the beach was an absolute joy to watch.  From complete fear and not wanting to go near the water, he quickly moved to infinite glee, playing with the waves, rolling in the sand, running around in happy circles. 

Have you always grown up with pets?

Yes, my husband and I have always had dogs as kids, and interestingly, always Dachshunds.  Yoda is the first exception.

Their traits and peculiarities? 

Yoda is possessive, fiercely loyal, protective and deeply trusting. 

Jojo is goofy, a forever puppy, patient, a little bit of a scaredy cat, and actually, a lot like a cat.  

Their favourite treats? 

Chicken treats and homemade peanut butter cookies.They are both big foodies and love both the dry food as well as the homemade doggy food we feed them

Do you take them for a walk together and what are the fun and not so fun things about walking them? 

We do walk them together, but they usually like to go in completely different directions.  Yoda, being the braver of the two loves long walks, while Jojo would prefer to just walk up and down the stretch right outside our gate.  He is easily startled, the poor fellow, and doesn’t appreciate any loud noises, including bikes, autos, falling branches.