Pet-a-têteSay hello to Ragnar and Riley!

Bindhu shares tales of her favourite go-to companions, Ragnar & Riley after a long day at work.

How did Ragnar & Riley come into your life?

Ragnar, a male Labrador came in to our lives in June 2017 And Riley (female rottweiler) came in Jan 2018 

How has life changed since Ragnar & Riley?

Since I work in a corporate profile, they are the best go-to companions once I get home. Hours pass by pampering them and playing with them. They turn the house upside down, but no complaints when there is so much of love they shower!

How often do you come Toit?

We come quite regularly otherwise with the pets it’s almost every weekend.

Do you plan things around them?

Yes! 100% plans are always around them. They love stepping out as much as we do 

So, at times when I’m stuck with work and unable to move out on weekends – they expect that I take them somewhere.  They know where their travel bags are and indicate to be taken out by pulling the bags out and placing them in front of me.

Interesting experiences with Ragnar & Riley that you would like to share, can be an individual or shared experience?

So – once I had an injury on one of my toes and Ragnar is the typical hyperactive lab and jumped on the injured part. I just sat down with pain shedding a tear or two. It took a fraction of second for Riley to realise I was in pain and Ragnar caused it – she grabbed him by his neck and threw him about 8 feet away from me.  For the next 1 entire day – she did not let anybody get close to me 

She sat next to me watching every movement of mine and being very careful not to get near my legs.   Riley is extremely protective and possessive. As a matter of fact, she does not allow anybody at home to raise their voice or make any movement towards me that may seem threatening.

If I’m home, Riley needs to be fed by me, otherwise, the food bowl remains untouched. Sometimes at night post sleeping, she gets on the bed, taps gently or licks to lie down beside me so that I hold her. She does not give up until she gets what she wants (attention-seeking) 

Ragnar, on the other hand, is extremely naughty. He waits for me to look at him while I cook; stands near the kitchen entrance and the minute I look he raises his leg to pee on the vase. When I’m away there is no such mischief. He does on-purpose either to annoy me or to gain attention

If you just leave the two of them then she is the alpha and protects him from all other dogs. He is not as bold as her. 

Have you ever travelled with them, if yes, where do you plan on travelling with them?

I take them on short trips or camping trips. But I haven’t taken them on a long trip yet. They don’t enjoy being in the car for long

Have you always grown up with pets? Any memories from the past you would like to share?

Not really – these are my first close buddies 

Their traits, peculiarities etc?

Traits of Ragnar – Very intelligent, extremely goofy and naughty. Loves chew sticks and will follow all guidelines if you lure him towards one 

Riley – the most protective Rottweiler I have come across, extremely possessive, loves bones and chicken liver. Understands every little thing without being trained. She’s an angel in disguise 

Life is beyond a blessing around both of them.