Pet-a-têteSay hello to Reno!

Apoorva dreamed about having a pet all her life and she got the best gift on her 17th birthday.

How did Reno come into your life?

Ever since I was a child, I’ve always wanted to have a dog. I remember getting stray pups when I was little and to my disappointment, my parents would let them go the next morning. So, for my 17th birthday, after much coaxing and cajoling, my dad finally gave in. My mum was out of town and we thought it was the perfect opportunity to bring Reno home.

How has life changed since Reno?

Well, let’s just say life has not been the same ever since Reno came into my life. I eagerly wait to go home every time I’m out; she’s taught my entire family patience and how to love without any ulterior motive. We try to take her along with us wherever we go. My parents, who wouldn’t let anyone sit up on the couch with their legs have succumbed to Reno’s big round needy eyes. But, in a rather retrospective view, life has changed for good ever since she arrived.

How often do you come to The Permit Room?

Reno and I come to The Permit Room quite often. We haven’t made a visit in the last couple of months, but we absolutely love the staff at the restaurant. They’re very sweet, patient, and let her run around freely in the pet section.

Do you plan things around her?

Yes, absolutely. My entire family’s schedule revolves around Reno. We plan things accordingly. Reno can be left alone without any supervision in the daytime. We hardly ever leave her alone because my mum’s a homemaker and she’s with her all the time. But if the situation is unavoidable, we leave her alone for a while. She doesn’t like staying alone in the dark, so, no matter where we are, at least one of us are home by 6-6.30ish. Sometimes we skip things just because she wouldn’t like it and we don’t regret that ever.

Interesting experiences with her that you would like to share?

Everyday is an interesting experience with her. She’s naturally quite a sober dog, but loses all control when she sees chewsticks and bread. This one time we were at a restaurant and she happened to notice a burger on our neighbouring table. Since she could reach the table easily, she quietly but quickly gobbled up the burger bread. It was very embarraasing, of course. But the gentleman seemed to understand and we had a good laugh about it. And yes, I had to replace the burger.

Are you planning to take a trip?

I’ve always wanted to take Reno to the beach. Although she hates water and treats it like her absolute enemy, I’d still love to take her to the beach just to watch her take long, leisure walks along the stretch of the water washed sand. We’re quite skeptical about taking her for trips that are far off, just because she doesn’t like travelling too much. Our trips mostly involve the dog park in Cubbon, and pet friendly restaurants for now.

Her traits, peculiarities etc?

She’s an absolutely lovely dog. Reno is more popular than any human in my neighborhood. Everyone loves her. I mean, what’s not to love? But she has this extremely cute habit of gifting anything she finds near her to whoever she meets. She won’t give it to you but she’ll carry it in her mouth and walk around you. It’s the gesture that counts, and we absolutely adore this peculiar habit of hers.

Although she’s 9 years old (Well, almost. 5th June is her birthday), she’s a little bundle of energy. She’s packed with bursts of energy that sometimes surprises us so much. She loves everyone without any iota of hesitation.

Her favourite games to play, places to go, things to eat, people she loves?

She loves being chased around in our house and apart from that, she doesn’t like any other games. She doesn’t like to fetch even. We sometimes wonder if she’s part human. She absolutely loves going to the dog park; not to play with the dogs but to run around people and ask for treats.

She’s a very healthy dog fortunately. She loves eating carrot, tomato, chapati, and bread. She absolutely detests junk and spicy food. She’ll chew it out almost immediately and make a dirty face, and for that, we’re very grateful. And yes, of course, loves her chewsticks and bones to death as well.

I’d like to believe that she loves me more than anyone in the family, but well, who am I kidding? She’s very attached to my mum though, mostly because she’s with her all day and I really wouldn’t blame her. Mums are very loveable for a reason. But, whenever any of us take her out, we must to be around her vicinity. Even a minute of disappearance will keep her on her toes.