Pet-a-têteSay hello to Cookie, our furry friend of the month!

When and how did Cookie first come into your life?

One late night, we heard crying from outside. Curiously, we checked and found this scared, little puppy. My heart melted.

Have you always been a dog lover? Is Cookie your first pet?

I have always been a dog lover. I had a couple of dogs when I was a child.

How did you end up bringing Cookie to Toit?

Cookie and I go to Toit (the human gets beers and doggo gets non-veg.) We often walk from Cubbon Park to Permit Room, also.

What is Cookie’s favourite thing to do at Toit, and outside of it as well?

Cookie’s favourite thing to do is eat non-veg, and then second favourite thing is to meet new people, who have some non-veg to offer!
Outside Toit, her favourite thing to do is run in the park and play run-around with her best doggo friends.

What kind of personality does Cookie have?

Cookie is very excitable, very loving and protective of the ones she cares about. She’s a super chill and an easy going dog.