Pet-a-têteBootsmann the Beloved!

How could a boy named Bootsmann be anything but a best friend? And that’s exactly what he is to Vickrant and Aisha.

What is your pet’s name?

Bootsmann, after the four-legged hero in Astrid Lindgren’s “Seacrow Island”

When did he come into your life? 

We got him in May 2018.

Have you and your wife always been dog lovers? Is this your first pet? 

Yes, we both love dogs, and had dogs as kids.


How did you end up bringing your pet to Toit?

We love to take him along, he loves to tag along and Toit welcomes him with open arms.


What are your pet’s favourite things to do at Toit?

Eat ice cream and lick strangers for cuddles and to be called a ‘good boy’.

And outside of Toit?

He loves to swim, hike and play with his friends.

What kind of personality does your pet have?

He is actually starting to grow up and has changed over the last few months.
He was the most playful and goofy puppy, with more energy than you could possibly match, but it seems he’s slowly calming down a bit. 

A year ago his goal in life seemed to be to make friends with any dog he meets, even the ones growling at him. And he was so persistent, it worked! He just wouldn’t give up wagging his tail, barking at them to play with him…until they gave up and became his friends.

He still loves to run and play, but he also likes long walks with the family and lying on the balcony, catching some vitamin D and keeping an eye on the cats downstairs.

He is extremely obedient if you bribe him with food, but very thick-headed and calculative if you don’t. If he wants to “sit” and sees the necessity, he’ll do it. Otherwise, good luck!

All in all, he’s simply the best dog you could hope for.