Pet-a-têteSay hello to Panda!

Adopt a Panda in Bangalore? Well, if you’re Sonia and Sudhanshu, it’s possible.

When and how did Panda first come into your life?

Panda is a rescued dog, she is a St.Bernard mix , 3 years old, my wife received a Whatsapp forward from her friend telling us that she is up for adoption, we went to see her at a foster home and one ten minute meeting was enough for us to know that she is coming home with us, we got her home on October 28th 2017.

Have you and your wife always been dog lovers?
We both love dogs and have wanted one for a very long time but I guess it was Panda who was destined for us.

How did you end up bringing Panda to Toit?
We have been regulars at Toit for a while so we knew that the place allows pets.

What are her favourite things to do? Both in and outside Toit?She loves to sleep and eat! At Toit, she loves to beg for food!

What kind of personality does Panda have?

She is now well adjusted with us but she is wary of strangers touching her, as long she is not touched she will not bother anyone. This is because of the fact that she has been badly beaten up by her previous owners and she has permanent injury marks all over her lower back, but she is a sweetheart and we love her to bits.