Pet-a-têteSay hello to Eshwar & Tyson!!

I had no plans of getting a pet, but once I saw him, and I couldn’t leave him after that.

How did Tyson come into your life?

I had no plans of getting a pet; we had gone to get a pup for my friend and there he was the cutest of the litter. He kept running to me, and we had an instant connection at that time, and I couldn’t leave him after that.

How has life changed since Tyson?

It’s been better than I had imagined it to be. We plan all our activities and days around him. Toit was one of the first places we visited with Tyson. There’s a lot of positivity ever since he entered our lives and a lot of adorable moments to reminiscence.

How often do you come to Toit?

At least once a week, courtesy Tyson and your extraordinary beers!

Do you plan things around him?

We plan everything around him, trips, day outs, walks, even the places we sometimes decide to eat out from.

Interesting experiences with him that you would like to share?

Contradicting popular belief of Rottweilers being aggressive and angry, Tyson has never shown that trait. Given he is very protective of us, he is very calm and caring. It happened so very recently that he met a two-year-old for the first time, and his first instinct was to care for him and make him comfortable. It took him a week until the kid finally was ok with Tyson, but he made constant effort to make the kid comfortable, proving time and again he is family and not just another dog.

Have you always grown up with pets?

Not too long back, I was passionate about aquascaping and had a fish as a pet for most of my childhood, but never a dog.

What’s aquascaping?

A whole lot of gardening in water! It’s basically arranging aquatic plants, as well as rocks, stones, or wood, aesthetically within an aquarium

Tyson’s traits which are unmissable?

His obsession with food, especially chicken. He absolutely loves his food! I think he is one of the few dogs I’ve come across in my life who is so driven by the food they eat! p.s – probably why training him wasn’t that difficult. Lol

Things that Tyson loves to eat? 

He loves ice cream, surprisingly chapatis and meat, meat and more meat.

What mischief is he up to when you are not looking?

He loves to bite my bed, shoes and sometimes even my clothes. I have a collection of ripped clothes from him which I’ve decided to wear on his birthdays!