My Boozy ValentineAll you need

The much anticipated, and equally dreaded, Valentine’s Day is here! Love is in the air, or at least proclamations of it are.

While it is the day we celebrate all things lovey and dovey, it is also a crushing reminder of just how love-less some of us are.

In either case, whichever category you belong to, there are a bunch of beers inspired by love (or the lack of it) that are perfect to ring (or wring) in the day.

While some are brewed around the hope that they’ll be shared with someone special, there are no rules. We’ve kept the list balanced, so you be as happy or anti-love as you want to.


Beer : The Love
Brewery: Starr Hill Brewing

Because what is this day without, ‘the love’.

This light and fruity beer with notes of clove and banana is like everything nice about new, young love—refreshing and with no dark after-taste or baggage.
Smooth and creamy, making it the perfect accompaniment for your smooth one-liners. *up top*


Beer: Fourplay IPA
Brewery: Stoudts Brewing Company

Let it be known across all lands—as important as ‘the love’ and other ultimate goals are, equally important is fore…umm…fourplay.

True to its name though, this is the beer to set the mood. The unusual mix of resin, coconut, citrus and chocolate just adds to the mystery of it all, making everything seem much more enticing than usual. Even you.

Spend some time here, trust us. The rewards will have you hopping around with joy.


Beer :Sexual Chocolate
Brewery: Foothills Brewing Company

Come on. Once we got to Fourplay, this wasn’t far behind.

Imagine asking your date whether they wanted some “sexual chocolate” and as you see their expression turn from mildly interested to incredulous, you smoothly slide two bottles of this stout onto the table. (Played out like a movie scene in your head, didn’t it?)
Plus, the great thing about stouts is that they make for a great pairing with all things chocolate, aka, the food of love.


Beer: Bitter Valentine
Brewery: Alewerks Brewing Company

Of course, we acknowledge that not everyone is as hopped up about this day. Especially if you’re single and on Instagram.
We have a solution—spurn the lovestruck puppies and their mushy posts by sipping on this Double IPA. The bitterness will match the bitterness in your heart.
And if it’s too much, you can accompany it by consuming a full box of chocolates, all by yourself—like you were planning to do later in bed anyway.


Beer: Teddy Bear Kisses
Brewery: Upland Brewing Company

Because, come on! How can you say no to a beer called Teddy Bear Kisses?!
Awwwwwws and cuddles all around.


Beer: Cazeau Saison
Brewery: Brasserie De Cazeau

The beer that signifies the ‘saison’ of all things spring, all things new, all things love. That’s thanks to the very quaint and rather fantastical sounding elderflower ingredient.
Also, while we’re on the topic, we’ve got a saison Special in the house too.
If Valentine’s Day isn’t for shameless plugs, then what good is it, right?

But regardless of whether you’re celebrating the day, or drowning your sorrows, do it with one of these beers, or with us. You know where.