Mug Holder of the MonthSay hello to our December Mug Holders, Mobin and Swati!

Our customers have always been our primary focus. They’re the ones who bring life to the place, create memories and end up giving the place its familiar, friendly vibe.

And there are so many different kinds of people who come through our doors daily, that we wanted to get to know their stories.

The Mug Holder of the Month is our little way of celebrating our customers, and their unique stories.


Our standard opening question—why do you think you were both selected as the Mug Holders of the month at The Permit Room?

Ah, that’s easy. Since we bring everyone, we know to permit room, it’s our go-to place for any occasion, where we know for sure that, both the food and service will not disappoint.

Are you from Bangalore?

Nope. We both are from Pune. We have been working in Bangalore for the past three years. 

If not, tell us where you are from and how you ended up in Bangalore?

I am basically from Delhi/Uttarakhand. I was born and brought up in Pondicherry. I ended up in Bangalore for work and I have been here since. I love the vibe here.

Can you tell us a little bit about what you both do?

Well, I am a freelance commercial photographer, and my wife is a freelance fashion and product stylist.

What is it about The Permit Room that brings you back here so often?

Well, the food. As we both are South Indians, we love our food.

And no one does the Andhra Chilli Chicken and Donne and Nalli Biryani better than The Permit Room in the city.

A few of your favourite things at The Permit Room?

Too many to name but our favourite is got to be the Andhra Chilli Chicken and the Meen Moille Kappa.

Tell us about things other than work that interest you?

We love to travel. If we are not travelling on work, we are constantly exploring new places to visit. Other than that, we love to spend time with friends and family too.

What’s your favourite cocktail at The Permit Room?

Chill Pill Madi

Is there a part of TPR you love or makes you feel like it’s your corner?

The whole place feels homely. But we love sitting outdoors.

TPR is a culmination of flavours and influences, what is the factor that stands out for you the most?

The Mallu influences on the food since we are so fond of those flavours. 

What is your favourite unexpected best food experience when travelling?

Khao Niao Ma Muang or the sticky mango rice from Thailand. Was not sure about the unusual combination but loved it after trying it.

Best travel destination in South India?


Oh, and your best food and destination in South India?

Kerala again 

If you had to give your friends the quintessential south Indian experience, what would it entail?

On a houseboat in the backwaters of Allepy with fish curry and rice. And lots of filter coffee for sure.