Looking backwards and forwards.The highlights of 2016 and most exciting news for 2017!

It was a good year. A very good year.  It always is, when beer is involved. It’s been a year filled with a lot of beer, special beers, special menus, bands, and whatever comes from putting all of these things together.

But 2016 was an especially great year for three reasons in particular.

# 1

We set up a brand new concept bar and restaurant called The Permit Room. (Surprise, surprise!)

Yup. That’s us. We took the South-Indian in us (and our friends) and converted it into a haven for namma ooru saapad, along with some cocktails and stuff. We made a website for it too, so that you can read all about, and you know, online presence and stuff. Go find out everything you want to there. And come say hello too.


Just a teeny bit closer to our hearts, but kind of far away too, is the microbrewery we set up in Pune. Yup. That’s us too, but you probably didn’t know about it until now.
It’s up, ready for operations, but we’re just waiting on some formalities to introduce the Bombay (yup, wait for it!) and Pune peeps to our favourite blondes and stouts.


But possibly the most exciting thing to come out of 2016, and something we’re looking forward to launching very soon, is Toit Mumbai. (as soon as we being operations in Pune, that is!)
Yup. We decided to share the love, and send some of our brews to our Bombay brethren.

We’re aiming to officially open early this year, so you won’t have your Bangalore bragging rights for too long. But on the plus side, you won’t miss out on our brews when you’re in the Bay either. Win!

It was a good year. And 2017 will probably be even better. Actually, it surely will.
We’re grateful for all the continued love (Kudix sends kisses, only to the ladies but), and we’re hoping to continue sending it with you guys for a long time to come.

As the famous saying goes, all’s well that ends in beer. Or something like that.