Let’s Start at the StartSome scrumptious starters to get your appetite going.

The importance of the starter is in its very name. These little snackers set the very tone for the rest of your meal-a fact we take very seriously.

While it would be folly to brush aside starters as inferior to the main course, a really great starter is one you aren’t too aware of. There shouldn’t be too much fuss involved.

The perfect starter slowly abates your gnawing hunger while allowing you to establish conversation and make supremely important decisions like who gets the next round of drinks.

Take the Toit Nachos for example. They’re very different from your run-of-the-mill nachos, what with them being home baked and generously coated with our special in-house cream cheese, tomatoes and onions. Delicious and just the right amount of distracting.


While we’re in the finger foods department, consider the Onion Rings. These are another example of easy starters- great with drinks and requiring almost zero involvement from your end. That is until you get a taste of our tangy oriental dip.


But we’re not partial to our vegetarian starters alone. Hence, the Beefy Loaded Potatoes. Roasted to perfection and stuffed with juicy beef, this one’s a little messier, requires just a bit more involvement, but oh boy is it worth it! Don’t forget to heap on the avocado dip!


We’re a pretty traditional brewpub at heart. And our Crispy Chicken Wings are testament to that. Never, ever take a brewpub that doesn’t serve chicken wings seriously. The crunchier, the better!


We’d hate to leave you with the idea that all great starters are the messy, get-your-hands-dirty variety. If you want some cutlery involved classiness to start off your meal with, consider the Scotch Eggs. These soft boiled eggs are served on a bed of mashed potatoes, with bell pepper or chicken strips, as per your fancy.


We want you start your meal right. And there’s a whole bunch of other starters along with these that we hope will help you do exactly that.