Let’s Call It A WrapThe year that was!

It’s always nice too look back and see how productive your year has been.
We like to measure it mainly in the number of glasses of good brewed beer served, but there are also some other indicators.

Toit Mumbai. And Toit Pune. Whaaaaaaat??!!

The last year, 2018, has definitely been a milestone for us, what with Toit Mumbai going into full swing, and the year ending with Toit Pune almost ready to go. (A drunk little skunk says that’s going to happen sometime in January, but you didn’t hear it from us.)

Some Very Special Food Menus

But new brewpubs aren’t the only thing that happened in 2018.
The most number of special menus, both in Toit Bangalore and Toit Mumbai, happened during this year and we had a lot of fun trying out different combinations with our brews.
New ones like the Beers & Pies and the Fiesta Latina were introduced, along with small changes to the classic Oktoberfest Menu and Christmas Menu.  

T’was a good year for food.

So Many Special Beers

And if we’re introducing special new food menus, we’ve got to get a whole bunch of special new beers on the menu as well, right?

And that’s exactly what we did, bringing back some of the all-time favourites in both cities, along with some spanking new ones. (Here’s a list, go have a little game with your drinking buddy to see how many new ones you can spot in under 20 seconds ok? Bonus points if you can guess which ones were specials in which city. Aaaand, go!)

A Special List of Special Beers 

Namma Beeru

Spelt Right

Champion Pale Ale

Smoked Porter

Aam Aadmi Ale

Bittersweet Symphony

Sour-y Please


Pumpkin Ale

Santa’s Spiced Stout

Mumbai Lager

Flower Power

Brut IPL

Chevallier Bitter

Chef Kavan = Bragging Rights

With all the special menus and beers doing the rounds, our very own Chef Kavan added an extra special moment to the year by giving us major bragging rights when he made it to the 10 Most Promising Chefs list by the Economic Times. Woooot!

For anyone who has been to Toit Mumbai, you’ll be familiar with the fact that the menu there also features some of our favourite dishes from The Permit Room. It’s kind of like Toit Mumbai and The Permit Room sort of joined forces to become one unstoppable entity of food and drink.

The Permit Room Pop-Up aka Toit Mumbai Turns One

So to celebrate Toit Mumbai’s One Year Anniversary, (OMG it’s been a year already? The kids grow up faster than you can imagine!), we did a first-of-its-kind Permit Room Pop-Up for a whole month, which naturally had some rather amazing dishes up for grabs, including thalis. Yup, thalis with brewed beer. 

Some Very Special Food Menus at The Permit Room

Speaking of The Permit Room, we did a whole bunch of Special Menus there as well, some very festive and seasonal like the Pongal Platter, the Mango Menu, the Sadhya Menu and most recently, the Christmas Menu.

But also some just to celebrate the glorious diversity of the south like the Thindi Habba, the Mannina Menu and the Mappila Menu.
And then some, just to celebrate the glorious feeling of getting tight, like the Touchings Menu. Heh. And also, hic.  

You can bet your mysorepak that we’ll be bringing them back.

Of course, this year wouldn’t have been this great without you guys, our patrons, the ones that make us want to push the boundaries and come up with something new and exciting all year long.

So before the year ends, we want to celebrate all these things, and all the great stuff that’s yet to come with you.
We throw a pretty damn good NYE party, why don’t you come check it out?
No better way to end the year than with beer.