The Kudix Mug Holder of the MonthSay hello to Siddharth, our Kudix Mug Holder for the month of Feb.

Loyalty is a virtue we cherish. We’re overwhelmed with the kind of loyalty Toit has inspired in people and we’ve decided that it’s time to do some rewarding.

Presenting the Kudix Mug Holder of the Month. It’s our small way of recognising and thanking our patrons, who return week after week, with friends and family in tow, and make Toit the boozy, buzzing brewpub it is.


For the month of February, our champion is Siddharth Satyanath.
Toit is second home to him, with him and his gang of boys are over pretty much every other day. Siddharth is such a well-recognised figure at Toit that it takes him an average of fifteen minutes to get from the door to his table because of the sheer number of greetings exchanged.

While he was sipping on his favourite Toit Weiss, we asked our Kudix Mug Holder a few questions.

Q.1 What’s your favourite Toit Brew?
Sid: When I first started visiting Toit in 2011, I fell for a certain Blonde lady. But over time, I noticed the glorious, honest and unwavering Toit Weiss. And it’s been my favourite ever since.

Q.2 What’s the craziest thing you have done at Toit?
Sid: I celebrated my 26th birthday at Toit. I set to get the most drunk, but my friend challenged himself to get more drunk than me. He succeeded in a matter of a couple hours, so trying to catch up with him was crazy. I failed. But everyone had the best time ever.

Q.3 Have you always been a beer lover? What are some other kinds of beers you like?
Sid: YES. My first sip of alcohol was from my dad’s mug of beer, at an age that I shall not disclose. Haven’t looked back since. I particularly love these beers- Guinness (as a meal by itself), Stella Artois (for its total class), and the breakfast beer, Corona.


Q.4 What’s the most amount of beer you’ve had in one sitting?
Sid: The most beer I have had in one sitting in Toit, by myself is 13 pints. Basmati Blonde follow by Toit Weiss. This was during the time when the Kudix Club didn’t exist. So, you can imagine the real number of beers I’ve clocked.

Q.5 How does it feel, being the Kudix Mug Holder of the Month?
Sid: It feels great, but this needs to be shared with a few of my boys. They have been regulars with me for the last three years, without skipping a pint. Cheers lads!

Watch this space to meet our Kudix Mug Holder for the month of March. You never know, it might just be you!