The Kudix Mug Holder of the MonthSay hello to Sridhar, our mug holder for the month of May.

Loyalty is a virtue we cherish. We’re overwhelmed with the kind of loyalty Toit has inspired in people and we’ve decided that it’s time to do some rewarding.

Presenting the Kudix Mug Holder of the Month. It’s our small way of recognising and thanking our patrons, who return week after week, with friends and family in tow, and make Toit the boozy, buzzing brewpub it is.


Our Mug Holder for the Month of May is Sridhar Alladi.

He’s rather shy and likes to keep a low profile, but on our insistence, agreed to be interviewed and photographed. Sridhar is not only one of our oldest patrons, but is  also a very special one. Read on and you’ll know why.
According to him, Toit gives him that personal space where he can relax and unwind after a long day’s work.

Get to know a little bit more this advertising consultant.

Q.1 What’s your favourite Toit Brew?
Sridhar: The Toit Tint-In-Wit.

Q.2 What’s the most memorable memory at Toit?
Sridhar: The first beer that was sold here was bought by me. I have coming here from the time Toit opened, all the way through. There’s no particular memory that comes to mind, every single time is a unique experience. Toit is a comfortable zone for me because of the stability it offers. I like coming here in the afternoons.

Q.3 Have you always been a beer lover?
Sridhar: Yes, I have. Been drinking beer for a while now.

Q.4 What’s the most amount of beer you’ve had in one sitting?
Sridhar: Around seven beers.


Q.5 What would be the ingredients of your fantasy beer?
Sridhar: Whatever goes into the Tint-In-Wit. Nothing more, nothing less. 

Q.6 Do you know what goes into the Tint-In-Wit?
Sridhar: Vaguely. I know there’s coriander involved.

Q.7 Do you have a favourite dish here?
Sridhar: I eat here at least a couple of times a week, and the beefy loaded potatoes are my favourite.

Q.8 How does it feel, being a Kudix Mug Holder?
Sridhar: It makes me feel a little uneasy but it’s good. Uneasy because I usually come to Toit because of the privacy i get here. So this is a bit different from my usual visits.

Watch this space to meet our Kudix Mug Holder for the month of June. You never know, it might just be you!