Kudix Mug Holder of the MonthSay hello to the first Mug Holder of 2018, Om!

At Toit, our customers have always been our primary focus. They’re the ones who bring life to the place, create memories and end up giving the place its familiar, friendly vibe.

And there are so many different kinds of people who come through our doors daily, that we wanted to get to know their stories.

The Kudix Mug Holder of the Month is our little way of celebrating our customers, and their unique stories.


Say hello to the man who went from hardcore Bacardi drinker to beer drinker—our Mug Holder of the Month, Om.

Why do you think you were selected as the Mug Holder of the month?

Why do I think? I’m a drunkard I think so! *laughs*

I’m pretty frequent here. In fact this is the only place I come to in Bangalore. Twice in a week is mandatory and sometimes, more also.

Are you from Bangalore?

I’m not from Bangalore, I’m from Jaipur. I was here in 1998 till about 2006, when I moved to Gurgaon. And then three years ago, I came back to Bangalore.

I’m assuming for work. What do you do?

Yes. For work. I am a global supply chain manager.

Were you doing the same thing in Jaipur?

I was born and brought up in Jaipur! I did my schooling and education there, then I moved to Bangalore.

So you were saying that you’re the KMH because of how often you come here. Have you always been a beer lover?

Never! Never! I’m a hardcore drinker, you know. I drink only Bacardi, and that too Limon. I go anywhere in the world and I drink only that.

But for the last two and a half years, since I started coming here, life has changed. I started liking beer also, which is why I come here twice a week.

I mostly drink beer here, and sometimes, after a couple of beers I switch over to hard liquor.

You’ve been coming here for sometime now, and since you like drinking so much, any memorable incident that comes to mind?

Once I came here with my gang, we came at 1pm and left at 11pm. I have no idea how many beers we had. I just remember we had enough! Maybe too much.

Because the next day, the guy who paid was looking at the bill, and was like wow we drank so much!


Tell me a little more about your work.

I am in a global role. My reporting and business starts in Florence, Italy, that’s my headquarters. I don’t have much to do in India, I am just located here.

We are basically the suppliers and solutions providers for the oil and gas industry. We have clients across 122 countries so my responsibility is to move the materials or do the logistics parts across those countries.

Does the job involve a lot of travelling?

It used to be a lot but we have reduced it from last year.

When you’re not working, is there a hobby you enjoy doing?

Yeah I like to listen to music a lot and I sing sometimes. But I’m a very casual singer.

What is you favourite kind of music?

Oh, I’m a very desi kind of guy so I mainly like Hindi music. I like old singers like Kishore Da (Kishore Kumar), and even Mohammad Rafi, Sonu Nigam, Jagjit Singh! I used to listen to a lot of ghazals, before I got married.

Does your family live here with you?


And who all are in your family?

My wife and I have two kids! They also love this place.

My elder son is ten and a half years old, and I have a daughter who is five years old.

And do you guys come here together a lot?

Yeah, many times! Most of the times we come here together. If I don’t bring the kids, my wife is anyway part of the gang that comes here and we all come here together.

Since you’ve done the shift from Gurgaon to here, which city do you prefer?

Bangalore! That is why I came back! I chose to come here and work.

I started my career, my life here. You can say my youth started here. I like the weather, obviously it’s not what it used to be 15-17 years back, but it’s a good place and the people are good.

Gurgaon, even though I stayed there for some 4 years, the culture and everything there is very different. The people are very aggressive and you also have to be aggressive if you want to survive over there.

So, I didn’t like it so much because I didn’t want my kids to grow up in that environment.

Here, you can do whatever you want to do and no one will poke their nose in your life. Be good, and everything will be good!

From the time you were here earlier, to now, what is the big difference you see in Bangalore?

Oh! Lots of changes! The greenery has vanished over here! I used to love that about this city, because even here in Indiranagar and Thippasandra, there used to be so much greenery and so many trees on both sides of the road. I used to love going on the bike.

Also, Metro coming up has been a big change. And also Toit! It has changed many lives too! *laughs*


What is your favourite beer to drink at Toit?

I’m not a very fussy guy, but I really like the Hefeweizen here. I have tried all the beers but that is my favourite.

But back to your singing hobby—how many beers does it take for you to sing in front of an audience?

I don’t sing because of the beer, to be very honest. It’s just my hobby, and I love it. I just need to be in the mood.

I sing karaoke at home, and a couple of friends and I have a casual band. One guy plays the drums and the other plays the keyboard. Many a times we gather and start singing.

My other friends have performed at some places in Bangalore also. They’re not a professional band, so this is just something they do as a hobby.

You’ve been coming here really often, what brings you back? Apart from the beer.

Obviously itʼs not just the beer. One of the things is the location of the place,

but more than location, what brings me over here is the people. The staff is the face of Toit,  when someone comes here they will first interact with the staff before the beer.

They are the first contact, and how well they treat you, greet you

and speak to you, is very important. Iʼm a people’s-person and Iʼve been to so many good places that

have a name for themselves. But when you meet the staff there, they carry some attitude and thatʼs not good.

Here, the people are so nice and I really appreciate it!

Is Bangalore the place you plan on settling down in?

Ya! That’s the plan. Let’s see how it goes.

My wife is from Bangalore and we just love Bangalore, ya!