The Kudix Mug Holder of the MonthSay hello to Nikhil, our boozy champion for the month of January.

Loyalty is a virtue we cherish. We’re overwhelmed with the kind of loyalty Toit has inspired in people and we’ve decided that it’s time to do some rewarding.

Presenting the Kudix Mug Holder of the Month. It’s our small way of recognising and thanking our patrons, who return week after week, with friends and family in tow, and make Toit the boozy, buzzing brewpub it is.


First up, our main of the month, Nikhil Mehta.
Nikhil takes the term ‘loyal customer’ to a whole new level. Having spent birthdays, New Year’s eve and pretty much every single event worth celebrating with us, it’s no wonder that when he walks in, his favourite brew (Toit Hefeweizen) reaches his table without him even having to ask.

We caught up with our very first Kudix Mug Holder over some beer, so that you could get to know him a little better.

Q.1 What’s your favourite Toit Brew?
Nikhil: The Toit Hefeweizen. Although I keep trying the new seasonal beers, I always come back to the Hefeweizen.

Q.2 What’s the craziest thing you have done at Toit?
Nikhil: Of all the most amazing things I’ve done in life, I’ve done most of them at Toit! My craziest experience was on a crazy rainy Saturday. While the huge standard-Saturday crowd was standing under the roof, trying to stay dry, I managed to get a few people to dance with me in the rain.

Q.3 Have you always been a beer lover? What are some other kinds of beers you like?
Nikhil: I only began drinking beer since I moved to Bangalore 3 years ago. After 28 years of staying sober, I decided to “send it” and Toit gave me the perfect platform.I’m into wheat beers, and wherever I go, I ask for something close to the German Hefeweizen.


Q.4 What’s the most amount of beer you’ve had in one sitting?
Nikhil: If I’m be able to answer this, then I probably didn’t do a great job of getting drunk. I’ll take a guess.. 10?

Q.5 How does it feel, being the first ever Kudix Mug Holder?
Nikhil: For someone who has only started enjoying beer over the last 3 years, I’ll take this as one of the BEST achievements  in my life, ever! Although this sounds cliché, I wouldn’t have been able to see this day without the support of all my friends who accompanied me on all those beer escapades. I can’t wait to tell my parents too…or wait…maybe not!

Watch this space to meet our Kudix Mug Holder for the month of February. You never know, it might just be you!