Kudix Club

Love Toit? Come here often? Always thought you deserve to be rewarded for your loyalty? Kudix definitely thinks so. It’s taken him a while, he’s shy like that, but he’s finally ready to reciprocate the love.

How does this work? Just sign in with your Facebook ID or create an account with our app and start logging in your drinks. With every bill you pay at Toit, you’ll find a loyalty code at the bottom of the bill. Just enter it in the Kudix Club “Log it in” area and your stats will be updated within 24 hours. Depending on the promotions at that time, a reward coupon with a code will show up under Kudix Club. Just show it to the waiter serving you and we’ll be happy to reward you.

One more reason to get Toit more often.



Join the Kudix Club!
Join the Kudix Club