Introducing KudixTime to meet the maker of all things merry.

Who is Kudix?
Or what is a Kudix, you might ask.

Pretty much what he spends his time doing.

At the simplest, most base level definition, Kudix is our mascot. Loud and proud (and drunk) since 2010. (Damn, we old.)
But he’s also so much more than that.

Kudix is a sentiment, a philosophy, the representative of an earnest quest that the four founders of Toit set out on, eight years ago.

He is a tribute to what can only be defined as the best state of being, the glorious tradition of getting drunk, or as we like to call it in the lower part of the subcontinent, getting tight.

And because the feeling was so strong and the meaning so deep, we decided to personify this almost spiritual experience in the form of—a skunk.

Why a skunk, you ask?

Well, there’s a proper reason for it, of course.
But people have been telling such toit tales about the inspiration of the mascot, that we’d rather just share those insane theories and let you be the judge of what seems most likely.
Plus, Kudix feels like it adds to his mysterious charm and allure, so let’s indulge him.

The first ‘fan’ theory is that our dear little mascot Kudix, is inspired from the other world famous skunk of French nationality, Pepe Le Pew.
You know him, the most flirtatious guy in the animal kingdom (of Cartoon Network anyway), with an odour more instantly identifiable than his reputation.
All we can say is that Kudix wasn’t pleased about being compared to another has-been skunk of cartoon origins, much less one that smelled bad. Because Kudix only ever smells of the gorgeously tantalising mix of yeast and barley. All the ladies, can we get a “yummm” ?!

The other theory is sort of linked also to a theory about where the name ‘Toit’ comes from.

It goes that Toit is a reference to being tight, which we already mentioned is a colloquial reference for getting plastered, hammered, sozzled, tanked-up, tipsy or skunked.
Yup. That beautiful feeling of contentment that washes over you after consuming one of our brews is also known as getting skunked.

But there might also be a not-so-great name origin. Any ardent beer lover would be familiar with the term ‘skunked out’. For those not familiar, shame on you. But we’re nice like that so here’s a quick 101.

Beer is said to have a ‘skunked’ flavour when struck by light. This happens when the light interacts with the hops in the beer. And fascinating as this may sound, this is not something you want happening to your beer.
The point being that ‘skunked out’ is believed to be another inspiration for our dear mascot, Kudix the skunk.Yet again, Kudix was not pleased at being associated with this rather unflattering theory.

Also, if you’ve been around the right watering holes long enough, the oft used phrase “drunk as a skunk”, coined in collaboration with the very fabulous Kudix, is bound to have fallen on your ears. No? Well…then…what can we say? Time for a drinking joint overhaul. Or drunken vocabulary overhaul, at the very least.

Regardless of where the name or character originated from though, Kudix is a representation of everything that is Toit in a cute, fluffy form, and he’s been holding that title for the last seven years now, with style.

If you really want to understand what we’re all about, we suggest you familiarise yourself with Kudix. Become fast friends even.
You never know, being close mates with the mascot can lead to a whole bunch of perks.