International Beer DayIt's time to celebrate good brews and good times.

Last month, Britain celebrated National Beer Day and we sort of celebrated with them. Any excuse, right?

But this time, we give you a truly universal reason to celebrate our favourite drink—August 4th is International Beer Day, as it has been since 2008. Here’s a little countdown to help you stay on track.
There’s still some time to go, yes. But we figured we’d give you a head-start, so that you can plan exactly how you want to celebrate this very best holiday.

Also, we have a few ideas that might help.

Try a new beer

What’s a beer holiday if not a perfect excuse to try a new beer?!
If there’s a beer you’ve always thought was too strong or too flavourful for your liking, shed those inhibitions and try a pint. Or two.
You might end up finding a new favourite. Or improve your beer palette at the very least.

Learn a beer drinking game

This is a skill that can make you go from awkward wallflower to being the bottleflippin’ party starter!
A drinking game is always a fun, even more so when beer is involved.

If you get really good, you can always be the athlete of your (parents’) dreams and end up at the World Series of Beer Pong, the international beer pong championship. (#WSOBP)
We believe in you!

Do a Brewery Tour

Shameless plug aside, why not?
People spend all other international holidays reflecting on why the day was celebrated. Here’s a super opportunity for you to learn more about your favourite beverage and pass on the knowledge for generations to come.
Gift your drinking buddy a brewery tour and become an unstoppable tag team of beer trivia. Definitely an upgrade from your ‘who can burp loudest’ party trick. Trust us.

Here’s an informative event poster.

Have a barbecue

So that you can drink more beer. Obviously.
Again, what’s a holiday if not a perfect excuse to have a barbecue with your besties?!
Although this is probably not a Government holiday, you go ahead and take the day off. You’ve earned it!

If the consequences of the day-off aren’t favourable, remember—there’s always beer!

Hug your brewer

Yes. The ‘attitude of gratitude’ is the essence of this day.
Make it a point to go thank your brewers for being the one’s responsible for adding drama to what would otherwise be a regular dull day. And life. Let’s be honest.

Sure, they’re also responsible for that drunken text you sent your ex along with those drunken photos you can never take back, but let’s focus on the bigger picture here.
Plus, if you’ve seen our brewer Matt, he looks like he could use a few hugs. Bear-hug that cute beer-making grandpa already!

As you can gather from our guide above, the day is really just a celebration of all things beer and the good that comes with it—friends, fun times, local brews, and brewers. Come by and celebrate with us.