I FondueThe gorgeousness of melted pools of chocolate, or of cheese.

Melted pools of warm cheese coating around some absolutely magical sides, or yet another warm pool of warm, dark chocolate to seal the deal. Uh…wow!?

In a place like Bangalore, these two dishes work beautifully. Laid back mood, laid back people, perfect weather, many a lazy hours can be spent huddled around either of these two delicious melanges, sipping some beer and lazily dipping a whole assortment of sides into pools of pure cheesy or chocolatey bliss, depending on your mood. We suggest both types, one after another, mains and dessert sorted. Lazily.


It’s not just a bunch of random things melting in a pot, it’s an assortment of very carefully selected cheeses that go into our fondue. We use a mix of Emmental,  Cheddar and Gruyere, providing you with fondue that gives you just the right amount of cheesiness, without the smells or tastes being too sharp.

We use a mix of Emmental, Cheddar and Gruyere…

It’s all about getting the blend right. And we thought we’d extend our expertise in blending brews into the general fondue areas of life.

Our chocolate fondue is simply sinful. There really is no other word for it. You just need to look at it to understand what we mean. Here, we’ll help you out with that.


That is what a melted pool of Dark Belgian Couverture chocolaté looks like. Just the right amount of dark to add that beautiful bitter edge to the sweet dips, while gorgeously coating the others in all its chocolatey awesomeness.

 …there’s just something right about relaxing around warm cheese or chocolate, with your favourite brew.

Right about this time you’re probably wondering why you haven’t overdosed on these two dishes until now. That’s the thing about fondue though. Not many places do it. So how come we have this dish on the menu? Because there’s just something right about relaxing around warm cheese or chocolate, with your favourite brew. It’s like comfort food.

It’s a dish of absolute excess, just waiting for your indulgence to happen to it.